Sunday, July 31, 2011



 The "QUOTE" came from a TIM HOLTZ stamp I had to have once I saw what was on it. I find it true to life....A lot of the time we have to learn to dance in the rain...and mostly with out an umbrella, but with a bit of it going our way,sometimes, we get to use the umbrella.Hence the embossed umbrella man, I just had to add it!...Don't you just love what Timmy does for all us scrap junkies?.....and you know what.....the CHA has just we can look forward to new toys.

The photo....  A bird dancing in front of a car side mirror..isn't it adorable?

 The flowers are made from, "HEART FELT' stamps....a big thank you to LISA for all her sharing. She gives great tutorials at her special place.....worth checking it

 Close up of the umbrella man and quote. The colbot blue back ground behind the photo is a die from Cherry Lynn. Painted with GLIMMER GLAM-Blue suede shoes. The same is used for the flowers mixed with GLIMMER GLAM- Peach bellini. Leaves are also "HEART FELT"-distressed leaves, painted with GLIMMER MIST- olive green

Dusty Attic chips used are DA0557 Damask #2 (cut in half.  Larger piece used on the top and smaller on bottom under the photo's.) Stamped with an older Prima markting stamp with the music letters on it. Inked with STAZE ON- blue them sprayed with GLIMMER MIST-Olive vine. Dusty Attic chips are also tucked in the layering on top of the TIM HOLTZ Banners with the swirls,each side of the photo, to be seen in the LO. at the top of this post.
Well I hope you all enjoyed visiting me.

 I wish you all scrappy fun and till next time
....Love Susan.....
PN. Thank you all for your kind comments regarding my dear Frans. He is feeling a lot better the last week...theres hope for me yet...hahahaha

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This is it....the wonder packet I waited so long for.( see my previous post ) Some one in customs knows the value of PIZZA BOXES!..........

 You can see how many goodies I received!......A big tip.......Go for it Gals. Every month they have a sketch challenge down under at Dusty Attic.....For those that do not know "SCRAPDELIGHT" have Dusty Attic in stock.......and if they don't have it....Michelle is kind enough to pull finger out and do her best to order it for you....... It is better to do it this way as I heard a daymare story today, yes a daymare!!! It is a lot worse than a nightmare! Why? Because you are awake and aware of what is going on!and can't do anything about it!
Some one I know, who did not know the above ordered DA product with a store from down under, as you can not order direct from DA. She had to pay import charges and expensive postage.Excess of 75 euro......think of how much scrap stash we can buy for that! So go visit and check it out......that is... for all the fellow dutch scrappies.
Yes even the peacock feather was included! Take a look at the corners. Check out  the Greek pillars above. A big thank you to Dusty Attic and to the admin who went the extra mile to get this to me.As we say here in Holland A Warm shower to you. Can't wait to start playing with my new toys.
Dusty Attic is worth taking the time to visit as I think the scarp work there is of high quality and they have pretty good scrap Diva's on the design team there.
Thanks again for visiting my blog
Love Susan


 Karin, is my husbands younger sister of 6 years. After this photo was taken she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After much  holding of ones to all the chemotherapy  treatments  working............Karin had a few complications, she is a solo mum with two teenage daughters.
She has been clean now for more than a year. This is one strong lady. She deserves a pink ribbon from us all.

 The paper line used is from GLITZ-Afternoon Muse.Dusty Attic DA0508 Leaves. Painted with gesso then Glimmer Glam-Organic Garden (green).  American Crafts premium ribbon-Pink

 Glitz stamp from the "Laced with Grace" collection. Painted with glimmer mist-TUTTI FRUTI/PATINA/OLIVE VINE.  Martha Stewart boarder punch used around the circle.

Belive it or not....this is the first time I have used flags in a LO. To my surprise, I had fun making them.

POST NOTE: For those that have mist my posts.
                        The reason why I have not posted for a while is due to my DH's health. Three months ago he stopped smoking cigars and cigarettes. I might add he is still a smoke free person...much to my has not been for nothing..... But he has had a lot of complications since this time. He has had and still has medication poisoning from his heart medication, thank goodness we found out which meds it was due to a natural health doctor. So it has been a long few months. A few times to the first help in the middle of the night and a evening with the ambulance being called. Then two weeks ago he had a nerve root irritation...I think you could compare the pain to labour pains, No amount of strong pain killers helped and off corse no sleep.....for both of us! Another trip to first help as the pain flowed to the left arm. Heart patient and all. So now strict rest. A lot of TLC from me...which I might add has cost a lot of my scrap time!(  he is worth it though! ) Now he can walk from one end of the house to the other with out a pain attack! WHAT A RELIEF. I have been scapping, but not posting.
There has been good news though!
I had won the DUSTY ATTIC prize for March .....yes that long ago! The package got lost in the post. DUSTY ATTIC being such a wonder company sent another to me. It made my day when I came home from a hard day playing with the three princesses in my charge. And what a package it was! I will be posting it..thats why I have not used it to get the photo's done!!!!! A BIG GET ROUND TO IT! A big thank you to all the gals in the admin down under! A special thanks to Michelle for taking the time to answer all my mails.
Hope this has not been too long and drawn out...thats why I noted this at the end. 
Thank you for taking the time to drop by,
Love from me to you and try to have a scrappy day.