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Hi, this is the long awaited promised tutorial. I have been making this flower for a few years now,but I just started using gesso with it last year. I was using glimmer mist, and was not getting the color I this was born. Gesso gives a coating so the mist does not sock into the paper and disappear. Gesso allows the true color to show. I hope you all have fun viewing this....mostly I hope this inspires you to make them. It takes about 15 min. to make a flower. I think it is worth the effort. Students that have made this in my WS's have found it a fair bit of work, until they started unfolding them,...then they experienced the WOW! factor that we all so love with the art of scrapping. What I love so much about this flower, is that you can match exactly the colors to the paper chosen for the LO. If you chose patterned paper,  the same as the LO you do not have to use gesso. You can always use a lot of flowers with out it being too over done, as the colors are all the same. When buying in,I always allow 2  sheets of patterned paper for the flowers for a LO. I always try to  make a few extra flowers in case I need more than originally planned. If you have to make extra for the same LO at a later time, they will look different.The colors will also be different if you color them on different days. Sorry that this is a bit long winded, but this is stuff you need to know....especially if you are going to put the time into making these flowers, you want them to look really great when you are done.....Remember...just have fun and don't be afraid to play with the colors.
That is what is so great with scrapping...there is no wrong or right way to do long as you can live with's your creativity.
So, here goes......

 The paper I used is the Basic Grey OBSCURE collection. An older line that did not take off so well.
The RETRO punch is used. But you can use any punch or die  you have. Only, you do need 2 sizes of what ever you have. If you are using a punch, it is easier to cut strips so you can punch one after the other with out fighting with all those extra bits getting stuck in the punch. (Shown above.) You will know what I am talking about if you have done this before.

 For the Larger flower you will need at least 8 of the large flower shapes and at least 3 smaller. You can add more if you want it to be tighter and fuller....I will warn you is a lot more work and to begin with...don't make your life too hard. You want it to be fun, not hard work.
with a CROP-A-Dile, using the smaller size, make a whole for the brad in the center. If you stack all the same sized flowers together, you can punch the whole in the same place all at once. Then repeat with the other size.
On the bottom right you will see the flower with the brad in it. What is important, is that you stager the placement of the petals and make sure the brad is tight so the flowers can't move around.
For the LO. "DREAM"  (you will see this in my follow up post.) I made 5 flowers this size.

 For each of the smaller flowers, you need at least to punch out 8 of this size. 
If you make the above flower fuller you need to do the same for this one as well. If you don't it will look unbalanced when the LO is finished.Once all is punched out, repeat the same as above. I made 7 of this size for the LO.

 Above is a close up of how it will look as you are following the steps.
Spray the flower with water, using the mister. I find this mister from Ranger very good. It gives a fine mist and does not make the paper too wet. You will be misting every layer as you go, so it can get pretty wet. I always use a hand towel under to absorb any excess water.
I like to use water when making flowers. When the paper dries, the flower is hard and does not squash flat when put into the scrap books. They, then stay 3d.
Spray the flower, then fold the petals up, scrunching together as tight as you can. If you spray then wait a few seconds until the mist has softened the paper, this makes it easier to fold and scrunch. Repeat this with every layer until you have done them this time you need to have a break, to rest the hands...hahaha
Scrunch the flower as tight as you can, put aside, then begin the next one.
In the photo, the top 2 flowers are the larger flower. The under flowers are the smaller size. The white flowers are when they are finished. 

On the right, this is how the flower should be looking before giving it that final tight scrunch. Mist with more water if you think it needs it, this will be to soften the paper to give it that last, finial tight scrunch.Remember though, the more water you use, the more drying time it needs. Put the flowers aside for them to almost dry, keeping an eye on them so they do not dry completely before unfolding them.

 Now you can open them out. The reason the flowers have to be damp, is you can help the shaping of  the petals a little when opening if needed.
Aren't these just so gorgeous!

 Now begins the real fun!
With a sponge dip into the gesso pot and start covering the flower. The paper is quite go for it. If you want to, use a paint brush to get into those small corners. I am warning you....use an apron and your hands will get's like finger painting! Wash your hands, paint brush and sponge as soon as you are finished.Gesso can be a pain in the butt to get off if it is dry.

 Here you can see the two different sizes. You can use a heat gun to dry them if you have not got the time to leave to dry on their own.....or if you just can not wait!

(You can leave these flowers at this stage if you want to follow the gesso LO Work Shop, which will be my next post. Then you can choose what color Glimmer Mist to use to match the photo.)

 When dry, start spraying. Start with a lighter color, then go darker. I, have used the paint brush on the tips and center. I have more control of the color using the paint brush.

 This is the finished product. I hope you have had fun. My next post will be of the LO. Till then have lots of scrappy moments and don't forget to leave a comment. If you have any problems let me know .....then I shall get back to you.

Thanks for visiting,have a scrappy day and see you next time.


  1. Thank you for this awesome tut, Suz! Your flowers are as always out of this world!
    Gesso does wonders, doesn`t it? Love Gesso, too!
    Hugs ~Gerry~

  2. I am glad that I had a personal lesson from you!!! thesew flowers are wonderful

  3. Jee, wat heb je er een hoop werk van gemaakt om iedereen je "geheim" uit te leggen! Dank je wel, ik zal maar eens gesso in huis gaan halen! :D
    liefs, Corina

  4. thanks for the tutorial Susan! your flowers are gorgeous!!!

  5. Hello,
    super tuto, belles fleurs, si vous me le permettez je mettrai ce tuto sur le blog Notre malle aux trésors, avec lien vers votre blog pour nos abonnés.
    Merci de votre réponse.

  6. Hello,
    super tuto, belles fleurs, si vous me le permettez je mettrai ce tuto sur le blog Notre malle aux trésors, avec lien vers votre blog pour nos abonnés.
    Merci de votre réponse.

  7. Hi Mapy,
    Thank you so much for asking. Yes you may use this and put a link to my blog. I am so glad to get feed back, also to hear that so many scrappies have had so much pleasure from this flower. Have a great scrappy day. Love Sussi P oxo

  8. Whouah!It's look magic!I think I want to try.Thank you so much for the tuto!