Monday, April 8, 2013

Mixed Media - Grunge Houses

Every one loves mixed media...... some way or first attempt (a wee while ago) has taken the form of houses in the style of a mini book. 
Enjoy the journey.

Can't do anything without adding flowers! The Dusty Attic Fern laser cut added the NZ well known emblem of the Fern.

A good reason for houses and Grandfather Clark....he was later an architect. At the time, he was a Land surveyor.

Grandfather Clark was a bit of an artist. This sketch he drew and sent in a letter to Grandmother Clark while courting her. We still have this treasured letter.
Top right sketch- of himself, hard at work in the South Island, New Zealand 

Love the....when pigs fly.... The paper cut of the pig is suspended with wire.
I fell in love with this at first sight!

A try and play with pan pastels...this is really a beginners look! We all have to start sometime.

The photo you see above is what I have of my grandparents wedding day. Grandfather Bob and Grandmother Cottle on my mothers side. Yes those old family names......

The brides maids.....not much cash around at that time....hence the very simple attire. This would be around the time of the depression or there after. Don't you just love those hats! And that neck tie!

Well I hope you enjoyed viewing my first attempt with mixed media and sharing in a bit of my history.
More mixed media to come later.... I have grown since this was created - life does not stand catch the moment......and enjoy it

....till next time.

have a scrappy one.....
sussipoppins  oxo

PS We all know I have not been posting for a while, so I am catching up on older work that has been put aside while life carried on. Slowly but surly I shall catch up....

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Team

"2012" NEW TEAM

Yes! It has taken me this long to post this. Since then the team has become smaller and new members have joined the fun.
I found it worth posting....I did something crazy with the photo's and played with new stuff at the time....pan pastels.

Birds and twig have been  fussy cut from the paper...Prima Marketing of course!
The flowers are made with the Magnolia dies. you can see a little of the masking done with gesso, then colored with the Pan Pastels.

More close ups.

Love all this yummy texture and soft colors

Here is the team...
It was the first time in a long while that the team was able to get together with out missing a person. We are all, like most creative people, very busy with making the most of the sort hours in the day!
See the crazy fun way of photo use. I sure was holding onto the seat of my pants when doing it. But he results was well worth it! I am still  happy with the results. I hope you enjoy it too.

If you want to try this......

How I did it:-
You need two photo's the same. eg. black and white. Fussy cut the people, then arrange them in a collage how you want it when finished. Then you also know how much room you need for it when you can use the drying time to create further  with the LO. Take a photo of the arrangement with your phone, this is so you know how to arrange the pieces for later when it is all dry...yes you get to wet your photo's! Separate the photo's..... All that hard work arranging! Each photo is done separately. With a pair of reversible tweezers, hold the photo while applying the glossy liberally. Leave to dry....WARNING...this will take a long time to dry, so do allow time for this. The photo's will curl up a little,so do not panic...this is part of the effect.
To make the crackle pop, I applied distress ink, then worked the edges a bit to make it all look old and loved. And remember to have a lot of fun!

Thank you for taking the time to stop and visit.