Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday Heartfelt Creations inspiration "Sweet Moments with You"

Product list:
Card stock: Ivory for card base, boarder and cut mat create , Lilac for roses, Green for rose leaves, White for embellishments.
Ranger: Heat gun, Water coloring brush, Paper distressing tool, Prick pen tool, Lattice Work THS019 mask, Diamond stickles., Prick pen tool. 
Inks: Derwent-inktense watercolor pencils: Field Green 1500, Violet 0800, Leaf Green 0600, Sea Blue 1200, Sun Yellow 0200, Outliner 2400, Bark 2000, Mustard 1700. 
Other: Gold thread and needle, Gesso, Mixed media medium tool, Versa-mark, Brayer

The finished tent fold card is 21 cm x 14.4 cm.  Note: all the stamping is done with the gold embossing powder. From cardstock cut 21 cm x 28.8 cm. Score this to make a tent fold card base. Taking from the Cut Mat Create die set the die size, 3.75 “ x 4.75 “ Use this to cut x 4 from the card stock.  Before adhering all together, first stamp the gateway image and the sentiment with the aid of the stamp positioner on one of the die cuts.

Color the image with the pencils and water brush. 
Violet color to the die cut.

You can not see it in the photo, but I applied glossy to the die cut boarder. Once this dry, add a little colour to the edges to make it pop.

 Find the design paper in the paper collection, cut this to 13.9 cm x 20. 4 cm. With the prick pen tool poke holes for the embroidery. Backstitch with the gold thread. 

Taking the mask and gesso, apply the gesso with the medium tool. Put aside to dry. When the gesso has air dried, draw around the raised gesso shape with the Violet and Leaf Green pencils. Apply water with the brush to spread and blend the color over the gesso.  Put aside again to air dry. 

When this is dry, distress the edges with the aid of the distressing tool. While you are waiting for the mediums to dry, use the time to stamp, die cut, color and shape the embellishments. The list: The flowers: Rose x 1. Rose buds 1 x large, 3 x small. Rose leaves x 2. The vines: 1 x vine leaf boarder. 3 x small sized grapes, 3 x small sized vine leaf clusters. The order of placement: Begin by adhering the design paper card front to the card base with foam tape or double dots. Adhere the fancy cut boarder to the back of the Cut Mat Create chipboard with wet glue, the wet glue allows you the time to slide the boarder so you can get it aligned correctly. Now, adhere this completed chipboard to the card front.  The remaining embellishments are adhered with wet glue also. 3d foam is used where needed to bring the dimension and height to the arrangement. In order as follows, 
the rose, rose buds and leaves on the right side. 

Going to the left side of the card, the vine leaf boarder, the small grapes and vine leaf clusters and the small rose buds. 

Going back to the right side, apply the vine leaf clusters, and the grapes. A few close ups to give you an idea on how the placement is.

When all the glue is dry and the embellishments are secure, finish the roses petals off with a little sparkle and bling using the stickles

i hope you had fun seeing how I put this card together. Off course you could use this for a LO or canvas project...any thing really.
Don't for get to call back at Heartfelt Creations to check out all the eye candy there. Some of the cards are so simple and easy to do, but stunning. I am sorry to say...I have tried to do simple and clean cut, but can't keep it there.This release is die for...a great investment.
Till next week, have a scrappy day and inky hugs

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Riviera collection Belly Band Card

Hi, I shall welcome you to my place this week with the....
 a bellyband - gate fold card, using once again...the fantastic.... Italiana Riviera Collection. 
Introduced by Heartfelt Creations

Heartfelt Creations Products and Products carried by Heartfelt Creations:

Other Products used:
Ranger: Gold embossing powder, Heat gun, Diamond stickles, Hole piercer, Dusty Concord, Forest Moss distress inks, Water coloring brush, Prick pen, Paper-distressing tool. Cardstock: Ivory for the card base and belly band, white for embellishments and Lilac card for the flowers. Other: Versa-mark, Gold thread, Needle, Large Pearl bead x 2, Washi tape, Double sided tape, Pencil.

The finished gatefold and bellyband card measures, 14.8 cm x 20 cm
All the stamping is done with the gold embossing powder. For the card base cut from the card stock 20 cm x 29.6 cm, make this into a gatefold. Find the paper from the paper collection with the design shown on the card fronts. To get the same pattern used in the card fronts you will need both papers, cut and flip so you get the same pattern in the top right and left lower corners. 

The size for both these papers, 7.5 cm x 20 cm.  Using the prick pen to make the holes for the back stitching along the edges with the gold thread. Once the backstitching is done, distress the edges with the distressing tool. Adhere to the fronts with foam tape / double dots. 

To make the bellyband: 

Taking the cardstock, cut 12 cm x the length of the cardstock. Taking the pencil, mark the center of the longest edges. Place the point of the solid boarder die at the pencil mark. Use the washi tape to secure the die in place so it will not move while die cutting. Repeat on the opposite side. Taking another piece of cardstock cut x 2, 15 cm x 4.5 cm. Die cut these pieces with the fancy cut boarder die. Trim so they will fit to the die cut base boarder. Adhere to the boarder base with wet glue so you can slide them to fit. 

To hide all the raw untidy edges make a paper ribbon with the thin boarder image. Stamp this x 5, trim these so you have enough to paper distress the edges. Adhere the paper ribbon so the joins will not be seen when the roses and vine leaves will be placed. (see below photo) Score at the point where the die cuts end so the band will fold around the card. The bellyband will be too short to close, therefore, you will need to do some patchwork. 

Cut a piece of cardstock to fit and adhere the ends so the band can be closed. Using the remaining paper ribbon to tidy any unwanted nasty edges. (see above photo)

For the making and placement if the embellishments on the bellyband: Stamp and die cut enough for 2 x roses and 3 x rose buds, 2 x large grapes, 1 x large vine leaf clusters, 1 x vine leaf boarder. Color the die cuts with the distress inks and water color brush, then shape with the aid of the Flower Shaping Kit. 

(The pearl beads are used for the rose flower centres)
 For tips on making the roses, look to the product list for the video. Assemble and arrange before adhering the embellishments with foam tape and glue. 

 Once all is dry, add a little stickler to the roses and buds to finish the cluster.

This sure was a fun card to make. The only hard part was getting the band to fit the card. Once that is done...then it is pure fun making all the flowers and leaves...don't you love these leaves! 
Coloring is also great getting my fingers all inked up this way..LOL

Have a scrappy inky day...till next week
Inky hugs, sussipoppins

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

..."Italiana Riviera collection" now here!

A short intro for this get you into the mood.....

We invite you to imagine yourself strolling down the Italian  open markets, and amazing architecture while allowing yourself to relax and get lost in an easy going way of life.  
Breathe in the aromas, and see all the  mouthwatering eats as you pass by delightful cafes, quaint little shops calling out for you to take the time to pause for a visit. 
We endear you to venture a few steps through the towering stone gates, meander through perfectly manicured vineyards of boasting rows of coiling vines, filled with dense foliage and plump clusters of sun ripened grapes. Perfect, exquisite hues of purple and green.  
Picture yourself, relaxed, bathing in the Italian summer sun, being cooled by a soft playful breeze.
Perhaps taking the time to savour a glass, aged to perfection, rich and full bodied fine wine. 
An old abandoned stone arched window frame catches your eye, when peering through,  reveals the most surreal view of lush gardens, stately mountains, beautiful flowers and that perfectly manicured vineyard.
Back down to Heartfelt Creations we dismiss the misconceived notion that you are required to leave your craft room to experience the finer things in life, so come along with us as we invite you to explore the charm and elegance of the Italiana Riviera Collection!

My post this week hopefully has caught all of the above. A card using this charming, elegant and romantic always...a must have for the collectors of all things fine and yum.
..enjoy and savour the moments of life...

"Thank you so much for being my friend"

Heartfelt Creations Product list: 
How to shape roses.

Other Products used:
Ranger: Dusty Concord, Forest Moss distress inks, Heat gun, Gold embossing powder, water color brush, Inking foam tool, Paper distressing tool, Diamond stickles. Paper: Photocopy paper for the masking. Cardstock:  SUP A4 natural ivory for the card base, White for the embellishments, Lilac for the flowers, Green for the leaves. Other: Pencil, Versa-mark, Double-sided tape, Fussy cut scissors

The finished gatefold card measures 16.5 cm x 14.4 cm. Note- all the stamping is done with embossing powder unless stated. The stamp and cutting list for this card: 4 x large vine leaves (a few extra for the vine swirls) 1x small vine leaves, 6 x small grapes, 1x grape and vine leaf boarder, 1x wine bottle and wine glass. The roses. Stamp and die cut enough to make 2 large and 2 small, rose leaves cut x 4. A good tip: Always try to make more than you need so you have a good stash, this will ensure you won't run short when you are finishing the card. 
If you have any leftovers, save them for another card.

To prepare the card base: 
Taking the Ivory cardstock cut this to 16.5 cm x 29.6 cm. Mark with a pencil both the 16.5 cm widths, the centers. This will be your placement for the background fancy boarder die. Die cut to form the fancy boarders for the gate fronts. Next, divide this cardstock so when scored, you will have a gatefold card base. Score and fold. Using the Dusty Concord, ink all the edges of the card fronts. Taking another sheet of Ivory card stock, cut the fancy cut top boarder x 2. Trim to fit the gate fronts, taking into account you want the inked cardstock to show as matting. Adhere to the fronts with glue.

For the card inside:  
From the Ivory card stock, cut 14 cm x 16.1 cm. Make a mask for the window image from the Italiana Riviera Clusters stamp set. Using the mask to mask and the script background stamp, stamp with the Dusty Concord ink. 

Use the same ink and the inking foam tool to bring color to the edges. Stamp the window image. 

Water color the grapes and leaves on the left side of the window frame. 

To make all the embellishments from the cutting list: Use the Dusty Concord to bring color to the flower centers and the Forest Moss for the leaves. 

Shape the flowers using the flower shaping kit. Look to the video in the product list for tips on how to make the flowers.

Use the flower shaping kit to shape the vines, grapes and swirls. When putting it all together, first arrange and trim, before adhering to the card. 

For the gatefold fronts in order of adhering: 
The large vines, the roses, the rose leaves, the small grapes and a few extra vine swirls.

For the inside, adhere the wineglass and wine bottle, the vine boarder below. 

 Add the small grapes and vine leaves to the top of the window frame.

 When all is dry, for the finishing touch, add a little stickles to the rose petal tips.

Don't you agree...this is one of the most...must haves collection. Love those leaves! I shall let you get back to Heartfelt Creations for more goodies and eye candy for the in quick because this is going to be a best seller! See if you can tell which card is mine on the banner....
Inky hugs and scrappy thoughts,

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

You Inspire Me

Hi, I am sure you too, will be inspired by these sweet dragonflies found in the Enchanted Mum Collection from Heartfelt Creations...scroll down and see how this card is put together.

Heartfelt Creations Products and Products Carried by Heartfelt Creations:
Other Products: 
Ranger: Diamond stickles, Gold embossing powder, Heat gun, Water color brush, Prick tool, Distress inks: Peacock Feathers, Evergreen Bourgh, Dusty Concord. Other: Needle and gold thread, Versa-mark, fussy cut scissors, Off white card stock. Double side tape, Masking paper.

This hinge card measures, 18.7 cm x 13.5 cm.
Note: All the stamping is done with the gold embossing powder. For all the stamping and cutting, the off white card stock is used unless stated.
For the front and back of the hinge card cut x2 18.7 cm x 13.5 cm, for the hinge cut a strip, 13.5 cm x 3 cm. Adhere together with tape and glue.
Cut matting, 18 cm x 13 cm, adhere to the card base. Find the green colored design paper with the dragonflies in the Enchanted Mums paper collection. Cut this to 17.4 cm x 12.4 cm. Use the prick tool to make wholes 5mm from the edges for the needlework. Backstitch this with the gold thread and needle. Adhere this to the card base with the Double Dots. 

Take the Cut Mat Create die, 3.75 " x 5.75 " and 2.75 " x 3.75 ". Place the dies on the card stock so you get a die cut hole in the center, 3.9 cm from the bottom edge. Cut x 5. Keep one of the die cut centers for the stamping, the rest keep for another project. Stamp the sentiment " You Inspire Me " under the whole on one of the die cuts. Adhere the entire die cut layers together with wet glue so you can get the edges straight to make a chipboard. 

Apply the embossing powder to the inside edge. Using the stamp positioner, the Enchanted Mum Cluster stamp set, stamp on to the kept card stock die cut center. For the 2nd image, you need to mask the Dragonfly before stamping. Taking another piece of cardstock, stamp the Dragonfly only, color and fussy cut the image. 

Take now the Enchanted Dragonflies stamp and die sets, stamp, color and die cut the two Dragonflies. Center and adhere the chipboard to the card base. Adhere the stamped card stock in the chipboard frame. Shape and adhere the Dragonfly with Double Dots to the Dragonfly image. 

Adhere with glue, the two Dragonflies to the left of the sentiment. To bring some bling onto the card, you could add stickles to the wing tips.

I hope you found this inspiring, if you visit the Heartfelt Creations blog, you will find even more inspiring works of art full of eye candy.
Next week Heartfelt Creations will be bringing out a new stamp and die collection.....if you visit their blog you get to see a preview...WARNING!'s a must have!

Till next time, inky hugs,