Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My World

Hello to you on this fine sunny morning in Holland.
Another card from the Everyday Hero Collection, this time something a bit softer in color.

Heartfelt Creations Products and Products sold on our website: 

Other Products used: Paper: Yellow Bazzill card stock x 1, SUP A4 Naturals White x 2 card stock, paper for masking. Spellbinders: Devine Eloquence S5-218, Labels Twenty-Eight S5-127. Ranger: Walnut Stain, Rusty Hinge, Forest Moss, Broken China, Peeled Paint distress ink. Foam ink tool, Paper distressing tool, Water color brush, Star dust stickles, Water mister, Other: Quelling tool, Black stamens x8, Seam binding ribbon, Pearl beads and thin craft wire. White and gold embossing powder, Heat gun. Versa Mark. 

Instructions: This card size is 21 cm x 14.7 cm. With the SUP A4 card stock, fold in half to make the card base. Trim to the card size. Chose the paper from the paper collection and cut to 20.5 cm x 14.2 cm. This will be your card front. Apply crystal Lacquer to the black swirls dividing the print on the paper, when dry, ravel the edges of the card front with the distressing tool. Taking the SUP A4 card stock and tuxedo black ink, stamp the image from HCPC 3663 My World. Use the HCPC 3598 World Map stamp and stamp positioner, this is to extend the stamped image at the top and bottom so the image will cover the whole frame size when cut.

 With the largest size from the Labels Twenty-Eight set, die cut the stamped image. Using the distress inks, add color to the stamped image. With the foam ink tool and Walnut Stain ink apply to the edges. Apply crystal lacquer to the My World words on the stamped image. To make the 3d world ball, apply tuxedo black ink to the world ball image on the stamp and stamp on SUP A4 card stock. Die cut this and 5 extra cuts. Stack and glue the paper cuts together. Apply color to the world ball. When the ink is dry, apply to the ball only a thick layer of crystal lacquer. Put aside to dry. Lift and twist the ball away from the world ball stand, so it is higher on one side. Apply a double dot to the that is higher so it will keep its twist when glued down. Using wet glue, adhere the world ball to its place on the stamped frame. 

With the SUP A4 card stock, die cut the Divine Eloquence frame. Cut the frame into 4. Also from the SUP A4 card stock die cut x1 the Everyday Hero's frame. Cut this in 2, leaving the ironwork complete. Apply Broken China and Forest Moss ink to the ironwork on all the frames. When the ink is dry, gently apply a little versa mark to the edges (like you would when distressing with ink), sprinkle the gold embossing powder over this area then fix the powder with the heat gun. Repeat if needed. In this case less is more. 

Attach the frames to the stamped Labels Twenty- Eight frame with wet glue so you can align accurately. Taking the Everyday Heros frame, cut both the end swirls on the circle edge from the circle, leaving the rest of the iron work still attached. Adhere both frames to the main frame, one each at the top and bottom, slipping the cut swirl over the top of the other frames when attaching. See the photo. Add Double Dots to the back of the completed frame. Adhere the frame to the card front. To tidy the frame joins, adhere a little ribbon to the side of the frame between the black swirls. Attach the card front to the card base with Double Dots. '

Now to make the flower clusters: Make two 1/2 bows from the seam binding ribbon. From the paper collection, cut a few strips 30 cm x 2 mm. to make the paper screw swirls. With the quelling tool, quell the paper. Pull the ends to make the screw swirls. Cut to the desired length. Stamp and die cut the leaves using the HCPC-3646 Fluffy Birdies stamp set and matching HCD 1-756 Birds and Blooms die set. Make the flowers by using the HCPC-3651 stamp set and HPD-1-179 Botanical Wings die set. Stamp with the white embossing powder on the yellow card stock. Use the Broken China and Forest Moss inks to color the petals both sides.. The embossing powder becomes a resist when coloring the petals. Ball and shape the petals using the HCST1-401 Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit. To aid with the flower shaping use water mist. When dry, the paper will become hard. Adhere a pearl to the center of the flower.

 This will show a little when the flowers are made and will help to keep the balled shape. Arrange and adhere with wet glue all you have made to form a cluster on each side of the card. Cut the stamens to size then glue together at the cut end, forming a cluster. Tuck the stamen clusters under each end of the arrangement, see photo. When all the glue is dry, add a little stickles for the finishing touch.

I sure hope you had a great time visiting my blog today. I loved making this much so, I had problems parting with it. Do you ever have that problem? You make a card for someone...then you end up keeping it for yourself...LOL....then you have to make another one...a never ending story....LOL Just as well we all have a good stash of product.....and ideas.

Tip of the day: If you make more than one at the same time, like 5-10 you might get so tired of it...then, you will be wanting to give it away to someone you love dearly with your whole heart ...LOL
Hold the thought, till next week, have a scrappy inky day.
Hugs sussipoppins

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"You Stood The Test Of Time"

A card made from the wonderful collection "Everyday Heroes" from
Heartfelt Creations.

Heartfelt Creations Products and Products sold on our web site: 

Paper; SUP A4 card stock naturals white, White card stock Bazzill Ranger: Paper distressing tool, water coloring brush, Archival black ink. hole piercer tool, Heat gun. water mister Pan Pastels: Hansa Yellow shade 220.3, Black 800.5 Other: Double sided foam tape, Clear, Gold, Glitter embossing powder. Versa Mark. Gold stamens. Quelling tool 

This card size is 14.9 cm x 21 cm. To make the card base take the SUP A4 and cut 14.9 cm x 21 cm, fold at 10.5 cm. From the paper collection chose the paper with the beige spots and black back ground. Cut the card front matting at 14.4 cm x 10cm. Use the flip side of the paper to cut the card front at13.9 cm x 9.4 cm. To stamp the sentiment, use the HCPC-3664 My Hero stamp set and HCD-744 die for the pocket watch. 

To only get the part image from the stamp, you need to mask the paper. Stamp the image with Tuxedo Black ink then, emboss with clear embossing powder. Ravel the edges of the papers with the distressing tool. Adhere the papers with Double Dots to the card base. To make the pocket watch; take the HCD-744 die and cut only the pocket watch shape. Use the stamp positioner and stamp with Tuxedo Black ink on the die cut shape. Apply a layer of versa mark to the stamped image of the pocket watch, then clear embossing powder. Fix with the heat gun. To give a gold edge to the pocket watch, apply to the edges versa mark, then gold embossing powder. See photo.

 Adhere the pocket watch to the stamped image on the card front with a Double Dot. To make the flowers and leaves use the HCPC-3856 Delightful Daisies stamp set and the matching die set, HCD 1-760. With the vellum stamp with gold embossing powder, then die cut. For the flowers use the same stamp and die set. Stamp with the glitter embossing powder. Color the flower centers with the Pan Pastels. Prick a whole in the center of the flower so you can thread the stamens into the whole later. Use the HCST1-401 Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit to shape the flowers as wanted. Use the water mister to aid in the shaping. This will also dry hard so the flowers will keep their shape better. Thread the stamens in the whole and apply wet glue to fix. Adhere the flowers and leaves in place with the wet glue. 

Cut 2 mm lengths from the paper collection to make the 4 screw swirls. Using the quelling tool, quell the 2 mm strips. Pull the paper off the tool then gently pull on one end to form the screw swirl, cut to the length wanted. Tuck and glue under the flower clusters, 1 at the top and 3 under.

Thats it. Not so hard after all, and a lot of fun. 
You can always change the color choice for the flower centers, this will change the mood of the card. Pink will always give it a girly feel. My be, a few extras of this card would be so handy to have as back ups for those unexpected occasions when you need a card in a hurry.....
A not so fussy card, but in my opinion, very versatile as to what occasion this can be used for.
A ribbon across the front with the bow on the right would also make a unexpected change to a tired for thought.....
Actually, this card has become a fav of mine.....wait till you see whats coming up for next week....I had trouble parting with it.
 We always send our work in to Heartfelt Creations so they can display all the cards, LO and other projects in the shows etc they demo around the world. Yes not only in the USA. Check out the blog for details. So if you ever get the chance to visit a show, demo, WS etc, it is well worth taking the time to call by the booth. You will get to see all the fantastic work up close from the talented design team...and....from Emma Lou and Linda....believe me, 
it is 1,000 times better than photos!
Check out what the other craft diva's have cooked up for this week....well worth visiting the Heartfelt Creations blog to have a look see.
Wishing you all a scrappy week, you know it, inky hugs from sussipoppins
By the way...for those living in Nederland....
Did you know has Heartfelt products....whats more if Cindy does not have it....yes you guessed....she will get it in four you. Now that is a good thing to know.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

"You're an Everyday Hero"

Have you got an "Everyday Hero" in your life?

I am sure every one has one.
Kiki (mum) and Lune (baby). Both of them are, an everyday hero. They live everyday with Lune's disabilities, but she is so loved....everyday! She is one of my Heroes....they both are....
Another way you can use this collection, it does not have to be only for the male heroes in our lives.

Heartfelt Creations Products and Products Sold on our website: 

Other Products: Box cardboard, 2 mm cardboard. Ranger: Coffee Archival ink. Walnut Stain, Mustard Seed, Worn Lipstick, Forest Moss, Shabby Shutters, Peeled Paint distress ink. Foam Ink tool. Stardust Stickles. Sanding Paper. Watercolor brush. Water mister. SUP: A4 Naturals white card stock, seam binding ribbon Very Vanilla. Other: Memory Box rings and puddles #88500 mask.. Viva Decore: Inka Gold 918. Rayher: Deco Art medium paste. Doublesided tape. 3d double sided foam tape 

Instructions: The size of this LO is 30 cm x 30 cm. The photo size used is, 12.3 cm x 7 cm Chose the background paper from the Everyday Hero paper collection. Cut the paper and the 2 mm cardboard to 30 cm x 30 cm. Using wet glue, adhere the two together. This gives your Layout a firm base. Stamp the center of the background with HCPC 3665 Everyday Hero Newsprint and the coffee ink. Apply the masking layer on top of the stamped area and to the top and bottom. See the photo. When the masking is dry, apply in circle motion the Inka Gold cream to highlight the raised circles and puddles. 

Now, to prepare and make all the embellishments: Using the SUP card stock, make the sentiment circles by stamping and die cutting the circle sentiments. Die cut 5 extra shapes for each circle. To make this into chipboard, apply wet glue to all layers, stack and align, when dry apply a little Inka Gold to the outside edges. 

To make the ironwork circles and basket, use the HCD 746 Sweet Lullaby die. Cutting to just over the sold strip on the die, the rest will be discarded. Cut this shape x 18. This will give you 3 layers each circle plus two half circles for the basket and top. The same method as above is used to make the chipboard. To make the 2 full circles, attach 2 of the half circles to form a full circle, by cutting a strip of cardstock so both the straight solid strips can be butted together. Adhere with double sided tape. This will form a base to adhere further layers. Apply Inka Gold to the out side edges. Adhere ribbon using double sided tape across the solid line of the circles. Cut foam tape to size and apply it to the back of the sentiment circles. The basket do as above only you are keeping them in the half circle and no ribbon. Adhere the sentiment circle to the ironwork circle. Make a triple bow from the ribbon and adhere this to the side. Put aside. 

To make the lose sentiment strips. Stamp the sentiment from HCPC You Inspire Me stamp set. Cut the sentences into strips. Distress the edges with Walnut Stain ink. Apply strips of double sided foam tape to the back of the strips. 

For the flowers and leaves, use the stamps and matching die sets, HCPC 3645 Leafy Branch stamp set HCPC 3646 Fluffy Birdies stamp set and matching die sets HCD1-756, HCD1-157 Leafy Branch. Stamp and die cut the flowers with the HCPC-3644 Birds and Blooms, HCD1-156.You need 45 flower cuts…. happy cutting…Color the flowers and leaves with the inks, then ball and shape using the HCST1-401 Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit. Use the water mister to assist in getting the shape wanted, also the flowers will dry hard and keep their shape. 

To prepare the photo; Taking the cardboard, cut x 2 to fit the photo. Adhere the 2 mm cardboard to the photo. Sand the edges of the photo, just enough to give a white edge. Sanding a little more on the corners. Cut cardboard box card ½” smaller than the photo. Adhere to back of photo. This will give the photo the height needed to allow you to tuck the embellishments under it. Now to put it all together: Arrange and adhere all the embellishments and photo the layout base, except the basket of flowers and the last two sentiment sentences. To give the ironwork basket the rounded shape, gently curling it with your fingers. Before adhering the basket, arrange and glue down a few flowers so they fall behind the basket shape. Adhere with wet glue on to the basket edges so the basket will sit on top of the already glued down flowers. When the basket is firmly attached, add more flowers so the basket is full and overflowing with flowers. Tuck a few leaves under the flowers to help with the fall of the arrangement. 

Place and adhere the last two sentiment sentences For the finishing touch, add a spot of stickles to the flower centers.

I hope you had a good time learning how I did this LO. I had a lot of fun making it and feel privileged in sharing this with you all.

I have just had a wonderful week in time....thank you to Janice and Andrew for making me feel so special.
I also had such fun, looking all over the place for waxed paper for my die frustrating to find out they don't stock it anymore...lunch boxes and plastic bags have filled the need for the waxed paper....but not mine. The closest was a plastic coated paper, called freezer paper, used for quilting. That was too thick and quite pricy for what I was needing it for, so now I shall have to try getting the wax candles onto the baking paper and see how that works. Now, that should keep me busy and laughing for a while....LOL.

If any one has a better tip, I would love to hear it.

You all have a scrappy time till next week.
sussipoppins inky hugs to you all xox

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Collection " Everyday Hero"

It's that time of month again!
The new Heartfelt Creations Collection Release...."Everyday Hero"
This one is so's great for the heroes in our lives, for those that are strong for us, even when the chips are down....for the specail some one that has been there when needed or has been an inspiration to us or those around us.
So you can go all out with this one, the papers are fantastic......the stamps are great......the dies are to dye fun
This week I used only the new collection, and this is what I came up with.
Heartfelt Products and Products sold on our web site: 
Memento Tuxedo Black

 Other Products Used: Ranger: Heat gun tool. Paper distressing tool, watercolor brush. Other: Spellbinders S4-116 Circles Small, Gold embossing powder. Versa mark. SUP A4 Natural white card stock. X 2 Paper for masking. Double sided 3d foam tape. 

Instructions: The finished card size 21 cm x 14.6 cm. For the card base use the SUP A4, fold in half. For the card front matting, chose a paper from the paper collection. Cut to size. 14.2 cm x 20.6 cm. For the card front chose the paper as shown in the photo, cut this to 19.7 cm x 13.5 cm. Taking the HCPC-3665 My Anchor stamp set, stamp the image on the card front paper with the Tuxedo Black ink. Using the same paper chosen for the card front, mask the paper and stamp with Tuxedo black the ship part of the stamp. Do the same for the words, YOU ARE and MY part of the stamp.

For the anchor image, do the same but stamp with the gold embossing powder, stamp this x 2. Use the HCPC-3665 Everyday Hero Newsprint stamp set and gold embossing powder to stamp the tab. X 2.

For the sentiment circle, You Inspire Me, use the stamp set HCPC-3667. Stamp the image using the gold embossing powder on the SUP A4 card stock. For the die cutting take the HCD1-761 Everyday Heroes die set.

Cut the sentiment plus x 2 extra. Stack and adhere together. Cut the stamped anchor, plus 6 extra cuts. Stack and glue one anchor twice. Using the left over cuts to make the remaining anchor. Adhere together, one being higher than the other. For the frame, take the die set and cut the frame shape x 3. Stack and adhere together. Apply versa mark here and there on the frame's ironwork, then sprinkle gold embossing powder. Fix with the heat gun. Using the S4-116 Spellbinders die set, cut the ship image into a circle. Use the HCPC-3666 Everyday Hero stamp set to stamp in gold embossing powder the sentiment circle onto the circle of the ship.

Use this same stamp and gold emboss the sentiment image shy of the ship on the right side, do the same next to the word Anchor on the card front. Taking again the circle with the ship. Gold emboss the edge. Adhere this to the circle on the frame.. Take the stamped image with the words YOU ARE. Use the S4-116 die to cut into a circle. Cut x3 extra. Adhere together. Apply versa mark and clear embossing powder, then gold embossing powder to the circle edge. Apply clear embossing powder to the word MY. When all the embossing is dry and cold, place and adhere with glue and Double Dots all the self made embellishments on the card front, layering and clustering. Ravel the edges of the papers then apply water to the edges with the watercolor brush. When still damp curl the edges up. When dry adhere to the card base with double sided 3d foam tape.

You can see this is a real man card...there is so much you can do with this can have so much fun with it.
Don't forget to check out what the other ladies have in store for you this month over at the blog at the Heartfelt Creations site.
Have a scrappy one, inky hugs,

This week I want to say a special hi to my Aunty Janice in London...going to spend a week with her and Andrew. Leaving tomorrow afternoon. Coming back Tuesday evening....
so pajama parties...every night!
She does not craft....she is so  good at other we will be spending our time burning the midnight oil chatting, rolling on the floor laughing and catching up on life. Of course, making wonderful memories for the next time we get together....might even have time to catch a double decker bus into London town....and do some shopping....may be even a high tea.....hahaha...
Yes, you guessed my DH is not coming with me....
You all have a fun week....I sure will be having one......xox

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Double Portion Wednesday!

Yip! Double portion today at sussssipoppins!
First: The Peacock card. A Peacock full out in his beauty, displaying his tail with pride while admiring the daisies.

Heartfelt Creations Products and Products Sold on our Website:
HCDP1-252 Peacock Paisley Paper Collection
HCPC-3661 Feathery Peacock Cling Stamp Set
Double Dots 100pc.
Zip Dry Paper Glue

Other products: Ranger: Distress ink-Broken China, Black Soot. Archival Ink - Jet Black, Paper Distressing tool, Stickles-Golden Rod, Water mister, Water color Brush, Bone Folder, Ink application tool. Paper: SUP A4 Naturals, Ivory x1, White x2. Derwent Ink-tense pencils: 2300 Antique White, 0900 Iris Blue, 1500 Field Green, 1300 Teal Green, 1200 Sea Blue, 0300 Tangerine, 1600 Leaf Green. Other: Double sided tape, White seam binding ribbon , Fussy cutting scissors, Iron. Spellbinder S4-114 Standard Circles LG.

Instructions: This finished card size is 21cm x 14.8 cm. With one of the white A4 cards, fold in. Use the bone folder to sharpen the fold. This will be your card base. From the HCDP1-252 Peacock Paisley Paper Collection, find the paper with the green background and feathers printed on it. Cut this to 13.8 cm x 20.2 cm. Ink the edges with black Soot and the ink tool. Apply double sided tape to the back of this paper. This will be your matting.
From the remaining white A4 card, Cut 13.4 cm x 18.8 cm. Fray and ravel the edges with the distressing tool. Apply double dots to the back of this card. This will be your card front. Find and cut to size the printed sentiment "Beautiful You". Fray and ravel the edges. Apply double sided tape to the back of the sentiment.

To prepare the chipboard circle rings: Take the A4 card and 2 of the circle spellbinder dies; align these to make your 8.8 cm circle. Cut 4 then, glue these together to make the chipboard. Apply stickles to the ring front, leave to air dry. When dry, apply another coat of Stickles if needed. To color the ribbon, cut a length to 12.5 cm. Use the Broken China ink and the water mister, apply to the ribbon. Add ink and water as needed to get the color desired. When dry, iron flat.

For the stamping, use the A4 Ivory card, Jet-black ink and HCPC-3661 Feathery Peacock Cling Stamp Set, the Peacock, stamp the image 3 x. Using the Derwent pencils and watercolor brush, color the three images in. When dry, fussy cut the Peacocks, leaving one Peacock complete. Apply double dots to the back of this, adding enough height so the image will be higher than the ring. Cut out the remaining 2 images as follows. Cut the tail away from the body and cut the flower clusters out. Discard the 2 bodies.

Putting the card together: Thread the ribbon through the chipboard circle rings. Adhere the ribbon ends to the backside of the card front, center top edge. Making sure the ribbon is straight and taught, using wet glue adhere the circle to the card front. If needed, sliding a little to get it centered. Attach the matting and card front to the card base. For the placement of the Peacock: Arrange and adhere with wet glue, the 2 cut tails so they will show from behind the main image. Adhere the main Peacock in the center, then tuck and wet glue the flower clusters to both sides of the circle ring. Apply the remaining smaller flower clusters to the center top of the ring. Adhering the top flower cluster with a cut to size double dot to give height. Adhere the sentiment to the center bottom of card front. To finish, apply stickles to the tail and flower centers.

Second: So dear to my heart. Rich purple toned Flowers and gesso.
"Thoughtfulness Seeds"

Heartfelt Creations Products and Products Sold On Our Website: 
Zip Dry Paper Glue

Other Products Used: Ink: Archival jet-black. Color Box: Brown. Glimmer Mist Spray: Olive vine, Cranberry Zing, Junneberry Wine, Haunted Shadow. Ranger: Distressing Tool, Heat Gun, Craft knife. Other: Gesso, Cardboard box, Sewing machine and thread, Green linen string, Diamond stickles, Double sided tape, Card stock or paper 20 cm x 25. 2 cm, Fussy cutting scissors. 

This mixed media project size is: 20.3 cm x 25.5 cm. Taking the cardboard box, cut a rectangle 20.3 cm x 25.5 cm. Remove some of the top layer of the cardboard so the raw wavy inside shows. With the sponge and gesso, apply to the raw wavy side, leaving some of the Kraft color showing through in the waves. Add another coat if you want more white showing. Put aside to air dry. This will be your project base. 

From the HCDP1-251 Butterfly Medley Collection Paper Pad: Find the paper with the seed banners print, cut this to 23.5 cm x 19 cm. This will be your matting paper. From inside this same paper, fussy cut the banner with "Thoughtfulness" x 1 and the word "SEEDS" x 2. Ink the edges of the cut words with brown ink. Apply Double Dots  to the back of these words. Put aside. Find the paper with the print of the purple paper tears, swirls and butterflies. Making sure you cut the vertical tear and in the right place to get the print centered, cut 17 cm across x 21.5 cm down. This will be your front paper.

With the craft knife, in the center of the purple printed paper tear, cut the green triangle insert away. Using the sewing machine, sew a few rows of straight stitching along each edge of the papers. On the front paper sew a zigzag stitch on top of the straight stitching and the extended purple line in the center of the paper. Taking the distressing tool ravel and fray the edges of the sewn papers, also the top of the green insert. Apply stickles to the butterflies on the front paper, put aside to dry.

 Stamp, die cut the flowers and leaves using stamp the set HCPC-3651 Botanical Rose Cling Stamp Set  and the die set HCD1-179 Butterfly Medley Die. You will need to stamp and cut for each flower: Large size (x 4 each x 2 flowers), Med size (x 4 each x 5 flowers), Small bud (x 2 each x 4 buds), Fuller bud (x 4 each x 5 buds), Once the flower shapes are cut spray them on both sides using the Glimmer Mists. Do the same with the leaves. Using the Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit shape the all most dry leaves and flowers. When dry they will become hard and keep their shape, then glue together using the clear drying glue. 

Layering the papers on the base cardboard, adhere with Double Dots. Adhere with wet glue, the green insert back into its place in the printed purple paper tear. Arrange the leaves and flowers as shown in the project photo, when the arrangement is to your liking glue down with the clear glue. Before the glue dries, slide and move the arrangement so it is balanced and covers any unwanted gaps. 

To make the bow: Cut 6 lengths of string. At the height of the rose bud attach with double sided tape to the back of the board, three lengths of the cut string. Repeat for the other side. Take the three strings from each side, bring across the front of your work, tucking between the rose bud and rose, and tie a bow to the left of the flowers. Cut off the excess from the tie ends; use this to make two loops. Adhere these loops at the bottom left corner under the paper matting by the two large flowers. Attach the banner and "SEED" words in their place above the string and under the flowers on the bottom left corner.

 Adhere with clear drying glue the scrap cardstock or paper to the back of your work. To finish, apply a little gesso. You do this by dabbing your finger into the gesso; apply it to the leaf edges and tops of the flowers, always applying a little at a time. Remember, you can always add more but you cannot take it away.

I hope you enjoyed taking a scroll down the page...with the double the eye candy today.
If I have been able to inspire you to go out of your box or to create something new, it will make my day...let me know.....and don't forget to check out all the other wonderful eye candy at the 
Heartfelt Creations blog today.....this week.....well worth taking the time to look.
Have a inky scrappy day.....inky hugs sussiPoppins