Wednesday, April 25, 2018

25th April at Heartfelt Creations, have a special Launch..... die for....
.... I have three helpings of eye candy here to get this special April launch on the way...
being my last official postings a Heartfelt Creations design team member, I had to spoil you all. 
So this is going to be a big whopper of a post this time and lots of photo's, so make the coffee, snuggle up and enjoy the learning journey. It's called going out with a bang!

 #1 All laced up... 'Thank You' tent fold card.

Heartfelt Creations Products And Products Carried On Their Website:

Other Products Used:
Eggshell white card-stock, Bone folder, Hole pricking tool, Scissors, Ruler, Hot glue gun
Double sided Tape, Double Sided Foam Tape, Pink organza ribbon, Misti stamping tool
Crop-a-dial, Melissa Frances ½ pearls
 Click HERE to see the video on making flowers
Click HERE to see how to make 4 flowers from the same die and stamp sets.

The finished size of this tent fold card is 5.31” x 7.283” (13.5 cm x 18.5 cm)

To make the flowers:

Taking the foam paper, chosen staz-on ink color, stamp and matching die. Prepare the flowers and leaves. Look at the video to see how the foam paper is used and shaped. Use the crop-a-dile or a whole pricker to make the wholes in the petal centers ready for the stamens. Use the hot glue gun to secure the stamens in place. If your flowers are not perfect, don’t worry they will look perfect once they are clustered on the card.
To make the card base:

Taking the card-stock cut x2 pieces measuring 5.31” x 7.283” (13.5 cm x 18.5 cm) One of these make a 0.59” (1.5 cm) fold in the top, add double sided tape to the fold. Placing both pieces together this will form the tent fold card base. Taking the largest die from the eyelet rectangle and basics die set and the card-stock cut matting. Adhere this to the card front using foam tape. Now take the card-stock and the frame a card leafy borders die set and chose the frames that will fit the card front matting. Cut 2x of each size then adhere to the matting with foam 3d circles at the joins and along the border edge. You will not see these once the card front is finished.  Taking the Lace frame from the Eyelet Lace frames die set, cut a frame from the card stock, adhere this to the card front using the 3d foam circles where you will not see the foam circles when the next layers is placed. This next layer is cut from the intricate swirl frames die set. Cut also a backing for this frame. Adhere the lace frame to the backing also with the foam circles. Adhere to the card front. Finding the Thank You words in the Butterfly Kisses Decorative die set, die cut the words with the card stock x 6 times. Adhere the layers together using the clear drying glue. Apply clear drying glue to the top of the letters then dip this into the glitter for a sparkling sentiment. Before adhering the sentiment make the triple double bow, arrange and adhere with the hot glue gun the flowers leaves and bow at the foot of the lace frame on the card front. To bring a finish the card, add the ½ pearls to the card corners and edges as seen in the card photo.


#2   ‘Thank You’ Tent fold card

Heartfelt Creations Products And Products Carried On Their Website:

Other Products Used:
Diamond stickles, Water Mister, water coloring brush, Bone folder, Clear embossing powder, Versa-mark, Crop-a-dial, Scissors, Ruler, Hot glue gun, Fussy Cutting Scissors, Double sided Tape, Double Sided 3D Foam Tape, Crafting foam, Misti stamping tool, Nuvo Mousse Powder Blue and Silver, Tim Holtz Latticework mask THS019, Mixed media spatular.

Click HERE and HERE to see how to make the flowers.

The finished size of this tent fold card is   5.31” x 7.283” (13.5cm x 18.5cm)

To make the butterfly:

Taking the valium paper, clear embossing powder, versa-mark, heat it tool and the stamp for the butterfly in the “Fluttering Butterfly “ stamp and die sets Stamp and die cut x 3 of the image onto the valium paper. Once you have die cut the butterfly, fussy cut  the layers using the lines in the butterfly as a guide for this. Making sure you leaves the butterfly body on the butterfly for adhering together later. Taking the daubers, archival inks, coffee, Vibrant Fuchsia and Leaf Green apply color to the back of the embossing to each layer. To adhere the butterfly together, use the hot glue gun as anything you use will show through the vellum Adhere all layer from the body then bend the wings up a little, apply the glue from the hot glue gun on a area with the embossing lines. Apply enough so the wing will stay away from the under layer. Patience is needed as you need to hold this in place until the glue cools and is set. Add more glue if needed for the height. Repeat this for all layers so you get a 3d butterfly.

To make the flowers:

Taking the foam paper, chosen staz-on ink color, stamp and matching die. Prepare the flowers and leaves. Look at the video to see how the foam paper is used and shaped. Use the crop-a-dile or a whole pricker to make the wholes in the petal centers ready for the stamens. Use the hot glue gun to secure the stamens in place. If your flowers are not perfect, don’t worry they will look perfect once they are clustered on the card.

To make the card embellishments:

Taking the white card-stock again cut the sentiment card from the ‘Eyelet Rectangle and Basics’ die set, the smallest sized eyelet die x 1. Apply to the edges of the eyelet frame clear embossing powder. Die cut the small swirl frames from the ‘Intricate Swirl Frames’ die set x 2. The sentiment ‘Thank You’ is found in the ‘Butterfly Kisses Decorative die” set. Cut x 5 from the card-stock plus x1 from the design paper. Adhere the sentiment together using clear drying glue then apply clear embossing powder. Two applications were used here.

To make the card base and put it all together:

Taking the white card-stock make a tent fold card base to measure 5.31” x 7.283” (13.5cm x 18.5cm) Taking the paper collection for the Butterfly Kisses collection, find the paper with the light blue/green background with the butterfly border on it. Using the two largest sized dies from the ‘Eyelet Rectangle and Basics’ die collection and the design paper cut the two mattings needed for this card. Taking the smallest matting design paper rectangle, the Nuvo mousse, spatula and the mask apply the medium to the paper. Taking the water brush or water mister apply water to the paper edges of both matting papers, the paper will curl up. To help the corners to curl more, by rolling gently upwards with your fingers. Put aside to air dry. Once the matting papers are dry, adhere all the frames to the card front with 3d foam tape/dots or a layer of craft foam to give height to the layers. Look to the card photo for placement. Arrange and adhere the flowers and leaves using the hot glue gun on and around the frames. Once this is done the Thank You can be adhered to the eyelet frame with clear drying glue and the butterfly to the card front with the hot glue gun, when all is dry and secure, to finish the card apply the diamond stickles to the butterfly wings and some of the flower centers.

#3 Mixed Media Tag.

Heartfelt Creations Products And Products Carried On Their Website:

Other Products Used:
Scissors, Ruler, Hot glue gun, Fussy Cutting Scissors, Gesso, Paint brush, Misti stamping tool, Cardboard. Misti stamping tool. Martha Stewart luster glass micro beads, Glass seed beads, Self-adhesive ½ dewdrop crystals, Hot glue gun. Clear embossing powder, Versa-mark.

Click HERE to see the video on making flowers

This mixed media tag measures 12” x 6.49” (30cm x 16.5cm)

Make a tag from the above measurements using a cardboard posting box or from craft board. Cover the tag base with strips of design paper found in the paper pad or left over from another project. Die cut an assortment of the frames listed or use left overs from previous projects. Make the tag whole circles from the Large Camellia Carnation die set. 6 layers are used. Make the flowers and leaves.

To make the flowers:

Taking the white card-stock stamp the Peonies and leaves using archival inks then bring color to the petals and leaves using the viva stamping inks and sponge. The viva ink will bring silver toned metallic ink to your flowers. Water-mist the petals then use the rose flower mold to bring shape to the flowers. The silver color that will be left in the molds can be washed out after you are done. To protect your shaping mat, place a paper kitchen towel over the mat while in use. After the petals have been shaped with the flower mold using the flower shaping tools and mat to ball the flower centers.  The first 2 petals will be balled into a ball to form the peony center bud then the remaining 3 petals will be formed and adhered to surround the bud. These flowers are adhered with the hot glue gun, the clear drying glue could also be used but this takes longer to dry and set. 3 flowers made using the largest size flower from the Large Sweet Peony set and from the Small Sweet Peony set 6 small sized flowers, all made with 4 flower petals.2 large peony flat buds and 2 small buds 7 large and 14 small leaves, 25 lilac flowers are used for this tag.

Make the butterflies:

Taking the stamp and matching die, apply ink to the stamp then stamp the image onto white card-stock  Do this x3. Die cut the butterflies. Trim away the swirls from x2 of the butterflies. The complete butterfly goes on top Adhere together at the body. Adhere the body and swirls to the tag, leaving the wings lose so they appear to be flying.

Look closely and you see a half butterfly under the flower in the above photo.

To finish the tag project:

Giving you lots of close ups on the finished tag.

Once the flowers and butterfly is placed and adhered to the tag, apply clear drying glue to where the beads etc. are wanted. Sprinkle the beads onto the glue and leave to dry. Adhere the ½ crystals in place. When dry apply gesso with a paintbrush to the flowers, butterflies and embellishments not to forget all the hidden hooks of the 3d embellishments. Thus covering completely the tag with gesso. This is called dry brushing as you apply the gesso with very little on the brush, almost dry. Cover the embellishments, one layer at a time. Enough so you cover the bright colors but too much so you will not see the stamping and colors at all. When the gesso is dry, taking the Lindy’s sprays, spray the colors to the tag around the base of the flowers and embellishments. Leave to dry before adding more colors or layers of color. Remember you are bringing color back into the project but you do not want too much. So add color in layers, a little at a time. If you add too much, wait till it is dry then apply a layer of gesso to bring it back to neutral. Remember this is mixed media and any thing can happen, that’s why it is so much fun. When all is dry apply glue to where you want the glitter and glass glitter, sprinkle and leave to dry. Shake the extra glitter off into a tray or paper then back into the container. Taking the sentiment from the Banners of Love stamp and matching die set. Make the banner by stamping with ink then with the clear embossing powder. Die cut then adhere to the tag with the hot glue gun.

You made it!
You made it to the end of the three project post!

Before you go further to visit other Heartfelt Creations design team blog postings,
I have to tell you my sad news.....
...for those that don't know, this will be my last post for the design team for Heartfelt Creations.
Hence my extra postings....going out with a

Yes, today I am stepping out of this dream team....but I will be keeping my finger in the pie by joining the Alumni Team. So keep an eye out as you will proberbly be seeing me in the blog hops each month. I have had so much fun and learnt so much over the last 3 1/2 years in this team...for sure my computer skills have definitely improved!

I would  like to thank every one that has supported my creative work , visiting my place and leaving some love behind, it has been a wonderful, eventful journey of 3 1/2 years.
I have met so many wonderful creative people in this journey, I even got to visit the CHA and met a lot of the ones behind the scenes of craft companies and the backbone of Heartfelt Creations...I might add, they are a wonderful big family and I am talking....not just Harlan, Linda, Emma Lou, Ellen and partners...the whole shabang...lock stock and barrel.....all the people employed by the company. Wonderful people!
A special thank you to the staff at Heartfelt Creations that have been so supportive in getting the product to me in tact and on time. You have always been so helpful and obliging.
With out you, my work would not have been so much fun. A big thank you also goes out to all my followers and supporters, to you all scrappy inky hugs.

In one way, his has turned out to be a blessing in disguise...behind every cloud is a silver lining...let me tell you my story...
My husband and I had the flue a few months ago...not so straight forward....we both had a second round...a relapse of the bug, believe me that in it self was not much fun.
My Frans ended up in hospital with water behind the heart, putting pressure on the lungs....he has had heart problems for a few years now, so this flue really did it! After the two weeks in hospital he was sent home to wait for a decision as to what they where going to do. They decided surgery, bypass. But they did not know at that stage how many...then it was 4-5 but we need to see when we open him up. GREAT waiting felt like for eva! Never want to do that again!!!!!! He has had surgery 8 days ago, a quad bypass. He was released from the hospital this morning at 11 o'clock. Frans is now safely home and with a lot of VIP TLC care recovering.
I can sure tell you it was pretty scary!...and the waiting 4 hours to hear from the surgeon if all went well or not....don't want to do that one ever again!
...I said blessing? it comes.
...well because I will not be continuing in the design team for the coming term with all those wonderful commitments, deadlines and of course fantastic to die for product, I will have so much more time to give my Frans the VIP TLC he will be needing with his recovery. I have been told it will take at least 6 months to get back on his feet again and get back to his better old self....and we are going for the no complications road!
Because of all this, one becomes aware how life can be so delicate and precious, when we can, later in the year, we will be taking a well deserved vacation.
We'll be looking the sun up, maybe visit some lions, giraffes and  even a few penguins, taking our  time doing some crazy fun stuff and doing adventures together. That will sure add a few extra chapters to my already full books. As say over here in Holland...
"Pluck de dag" In New Zealand, "Seize the moment!"
The true blessing, I now have the time to take my time enjoying these wonderful moments. to come.
Then perhaps, next year I will look at it again with a joyful rested and renewed me...that is applying once again for the Heartfelt Creations dream design team...of course I will...we're
Who knows, I might even get'll all just have to vote for me.
Till then, see you here and at the Heartfelt Creation Alumni blog hops.
Sussipoppins is sending you scrappy happy love and inky hugs.
Susan Smit