Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Today, 14th March Heartfelt Creations introduce's a new collection!....

...."Sweet Peony"

Sweetly fragranced, and delicately airy, the graceful peony flower is a breathtaking and dreamy blossom that calls a quiet attention to itself! Lush foliage filled plants bursting forth with tightly wound flower buds among softly ruffled blossoms bring with them a hint of old fashioned romance and delight! Join Heartfelt Creations as we stroll through beautiful peony filled gardens in the new Sweet Peony Collection! Pause, linger and refresh your soul as you amble through a paper collection filled with delightful peony flowers in happy hues of angelic pinks and dark burgundies, set among a refreshing array of leafy greens, sky blues, and sunshine yellows! Soft swirls, gorgeous stripes, and dainty lace like accents come together to create pleasing backdrops for bold peony blossoms, chipping birds and divine window scenes! Three coordinating cling stamp set and die combinations bring the luscious peony flower to the forefront of this gorgeous collection. An assortment of varying sized peony petals and foliage die cut pieces work together to create dimensional and dynamic peony blossoms ready to captivate and take center stage on card fronts, scrapbook layouts and altered art pieces! 
So, breathe deep, drink in the sweetness of the peony blossoms, and feel free to linger awhile as we take in the gentle beauty of the Sweet Peony Collection

Heartfelt Creations Products And Products Carried On Their Website:

Other Products Used:
Maroon Archival Ink, Pink card-stock, Gold thread and darning needle, Golden Rod Stickles, Hot Glue Gun, Water Mister, Bone folder, Water coloring brush, Paper distressing tool, Hole pricking tool, Pricking mat, Scissors, Ruler, Fussy Cutting Scissors, Double sided Tape, Double Sided 3d Foam Tape, Cream color wired ribbon, Cardboard from a packing box, Misti stamping tool, 

Click HERE to see the video on using the Deluxe Flower Shaping Tool Kit
Click HERE to see a video on the lush lilacs

Click HERE to see a video on making flowers with the flower shaping molds

Click HERE to view a video on the Peony’s 

 Click HERE to see how to make the pleated frill/ribbon.

The finished size of this Lay Out is 12” x 12” (30.5cm x 30.5cm)
The photo used for this LO is 2.36” x 3.34” (6cm x 8.5cm)
Taking the Sweet Peony paper collection and find the design paper with the birdhouse and white picket fence print. You will need both papers. Find the two papers with the printed stripes and the cardboard backing from the paper pad.
Taking the papers with the birdhouse and fence, fussy cut the birdhouse and the two birds leaving the edge of the paper intact. Taking the 2nd paper cut a circle 9.40”   (23.9cm) Cut the circle in the lower left side corner. Thus having the birdhouse and fence in the circle.
Taking the cardboard box cut enough for two layers to fit the circle. This does not have to be an exact circle; it can be patches of cardboard, as you will not see it. Adhere to the back of the circle. Adhere the circle to the LO base. At this stage you will still see the cut away from the base this will be covered later.
Taking the striped design paper, cut into strips. The wider strip with the green print will be used. Put the other strips aside for another project. You will need at least 8 strips for this LO.  Make box pleat folds in the strips joining as needed to make a long pleated paper. Distress the edges with the paper-distressing tool. Lay the pleated paper flat on a prick mat then prick the wholes to make a centerline. Taking the gold tread and darning needle and backstitch in the wholes. This will make the base for a pleated frill. Adhere to the LO base around the circle making sure the edge of the frill covers the circle edge. Now the cut away is covered.
Spritz the frill with water, when the frill almost dry, using your forefingers and thumb round the pleats so they become a rounded frill. Put aside to dry.
Taking the stamps and dies for the Sweet Peony’s, stamp using the Archival inks and white card-stock. Bring color to the stamped flower petals and leaves with the 3d stamping inks. This will give a beautiful metallic sheen to your flowers. Taking the crop-a-dile, make a small hole in the center of each petal. Using the flower shaping molds bring shape to the petals. The rose flower-shaping mold was used for the pink peonies and the basic flower-shaping mold was used for the lilac pink flowers. The yellow stamens are used for the pink and the purple rock candy is used for the lilac pink flowers. Thread the stamens through the wholes as you stack the flower petal layers. See the video to see how this is done. Use the clear drying glue to apply the glitter to the flower petals and leaf veins.
Taking the lilac stamp and matching die, make the lilac flowers. Using again the 3d stamping paint to bring color to the lilacs. Use the lilac flower-shaping mold.
Taking the wired ribbon, make a double triple bow. Adhere the bow to the lower left side on the paper frill.
Apply 3d dots or 3d foam tape to the fussy cut birds and birdhouse. Adhere in place on the same printed image.
Taking the photo, back this with cardboard from the packing box. Two layers. Once your flowers are made, arrange the photo and the flowers as seen in the photo of the LO. Adhere in place. Arrange the peony flowers around the bow and on the paper frill. Adhere the peonies in place then adhere the leaves under the peonies. Arrange and adhere the lilac flowers around the photo and frill. Add also as fillers to the flower clusters. To finish apply the golden rod stickles to the lilac enters.
Is this a fantastic romantic collection or not!
You are going to have so much fun with this....I know you will be ordering 2 or 3 of the paper pads as they are to die for! Be in quick as i know this collection is going to be a sell out!
Till next week with more yum,
Inky scrappy hugs....Sussipoppins love,
Extra! Extra! Extra!
 ....step by step picture tutorial on how I made my flowers.
1. You will need 3 stamens, fold them in half as shown. Apply glue or the hot glue gun, Twist with the thumb and forefinger to have all stems glued together ready to thread into the flowers.

2. See below what you will be needing to make the flowers. Once colour is applied run them through the flower shaping moulds as seen in the video in the LO instructions. the hole is made with the smallest hole maker in the crop-a-idle. You also see how to shape the petals. The deluxe flower shaping tool is used to bring a little more shaping into the petal center.

 3. This is the follow up layers of the flower for the larger peonies. Keep on adding layers until you are happy how the flower looks. Adding clear drying glue or using the hot glue gun between each petal layer.

4. Once all the petals have been threaded with the stamens, you see below how the stamens are scared with the hot glue gun. Once I have put the hot glue onto the stamens, fold them back and place onto a silicone mat to cool. Once cooled, trim the excess with a pair of scissors. Then you are ready to go.

 5. Two flower samples with green stamens.

6. See how the flower looks different with an extra layer.

7. What ever you do....have fun. OXO