Thursday, June 6, 2019

“ Hope you have a purr-fect day”

Hi, today I share with you my first creation for the Heartfelt Creations 2019 design team. 
I would like to thank all those that have supported me to get back home...
this card is featuring, the so adorable collection, 'Purr-fect Posies'


Specrum Noir Harmony Inks: Seal Brown, Baby Blue, Plum jam, Pale vig, Pinetree, Grasshopper. Other: Double sided tape, Hot glue gun, Diamond stickles, Foam inking tool, Fussy cutting scissors, Glossy accents (eyes), Rubyslippers and Chocolate fondue Nuvo glitter drops, Water spritzer, Water brush pen, Foam inking tool, Twezzers, Matching Green card stock. Sheen Douglas white stamping card stock.

Measurements of this finished card are: 8 ¼ “ x 11”Taking the white cradstock, cut two peices of card to the above measurements. To one of the cardstock peices, make a ½” fold up the length of the card side. Adhere both cards together by applying double sided tape in the fold. This will make a side hinge  card.  Taking a sheet of green cardstock, cut this a little smaller than the card front base. Taking the green polkadot printed paper from the paper collection and cut this also a  little smaller than the green cardstock. Adhere both these papers to the card front. Taking a sheet of green cardstock cut this to 7” x 9 ¼ “. Taking from the paper collection, the  paper with the flower and cat boarders printed on it, cut this alittle smaller than the green card stock. Adhere  both the green cardstock and the printed paper together then adhere to the card front using 3D glue dots or 3D foamtape.
 Using the white cradstock, cut the following: 6” x 8 ¼ “( ink the edges of this card stock with the Pinetree green ink), from the Regal Frame and Accents die set cut x 2 lacy frames ( these are to inked with the Pinetree and the baby Blue inks and glitter on the lacy frame edges) The two frames are trimmed to make a square then used as a larger frame. From the same die set cut also a oval frame. ( this is inked with the baby blue and the pinetree inks). Taking the Adorn It Pocket Accents set, cut x 2 lace edges. These are inked by using the Pale fig and Plum jam inks. Also ink the remaining lace edges from the lacy frame in the same colors)
To make the rest of the  elements used: die cut and stamp the cat sitting in the flowers  x 2,  the cat with the ballons x 4, leaves x 23, small flowers  x 24 ( Lilac x 2 stamens folded in ½ for each for flower centers), Small flowers x 12 ( Teal, x 2 stamens folded in ½ for each as flower centers ), Medium flowers x 15 ( Lilac x 3 staymens folded in ½ for the flower centers, Fussy cut  x 3 birds from the ballons.
Make all the flowers and elements ready to adhere to the card front. Taking the 6” x 8 ¼” card and the two pocket lace edges, slip the card into the pocket slots then secure with glue. Adhere to the card front. Adhere the lacy frame edges under the card as seen in the photo. Taking the prepared lacy frame and adhere this to the center of the card front. Adhere the oval frame to the top part of the lacy frame. Arrange the cats, ballons, leaves and flowers then adhere with the hot glue gun or clear drying glue. ( Note: Apply the glitter before the elements are adhered to the card front so the glitter will not get all over the card ). Taking the paper from the collection with the sentiment, ’Hope Your Day Is Purr-fect”. Trim this  then adhere to the right lower front of the card. Apply the glossy to the sentiment, the cats eyes and the birds. Take the candy stamens and the hot glue gun to make the flower sprigs. To make the sprigs, cut the stamens to length apply a dot of hot glue to a silicone matt then put the stamen ends into the hot glue dot. When this hot glue dot is dry, it will hold the stramens in place. Adhere in place with the hot glue gun then you can apply the Nuvo glitter to the rock candy sprigs.

Very, very, very adorable collection!
If you don't already have must invest as this one is a keeper.
Thanks again for visiting, till next week.
Sussipoppins inky hugs.

A preview of next weeks posting...also a new collection. 
"Happy Camper" 
Great for all those out door die hard crafty's

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