Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Getting into the cards.... seriously!
hahaha...laugh not too hard....first take a look at my effort. Still trying, and a lot different from doing a LO.
Not as much room!

The above card is my Fav. Love these birds and frames from Joy. Balled and misted for that vintage distressed look. Love it! Flowers from Nelly S. punches to be found in Holland.

Something a bit different, but simple...I have found with card making for me any way....
"less is more"....
The back ground and swirls are made with the help of those wonderful Cherry Lynn Dies. Just love them, like all my other dies....can we ever get enough of them,........
Flowers are the left overs from the last posted LO. 
All is finished with the Glimmer Mists...can't not use my most fav. colour "Olive Vine"

Letting you in on a secret.....
I am having this great big giant love affair over here in Australia....... 
while the cat is away the mice will play......

It is to do with paper and ink and all things yummy! (as always).....
(what is she up to now??????)
It's called "Stamp'in Up" 
We all know it is hitting Holland 8th October..... that's old news.....I just wanted to do a lot of home work to see if it was for me or if, "Stamp"in Up" fits into my life plan. Well it does! And I sure will be signing the dotted line when I get back from this wonderful gallivanting around the other side of the world....
........having so much fun and all that..So watch out for further posts......

I was invited to give a WS here in Cairns,  the Table Lands, at a Stampin Up retreat, given through Shannean Moncrief, the Stampin Up guru here in Cairns. 
What a success it was,
 I have never had so much crazy fun, made 31 card front swaps, met so many wonderful ladies and gentleman...yes there was one from MARS there! I might add, I was very impressed with his work. 
I can be saying with out a lie.I had only 3 hours +- sleep from Friday am till Sunday night.
I was wearing dark glasses all day Sunday to hide all the eye make up that made it's way down the face...I am talking about those dark rings that are in the wrong place.Who cares when we can scrap till we drop, ....literally! 
Not enough time to sleep. Scrap book challenges.
She was a tough one! No flowers allowed! It's called tough love over here..you know the sort of love you use with your kids.. Goes with out saying, there was also, card making challenges through the weekend.I sure learn't lot's,last weekend.
My WS was working with the "Stampin Up" product. Just love'n what the paper does for my flowers.
Therefor I shall have to take photo's and up load them for you....just let me catch up on some shut eye first.
Sorry, you will have to wait a few days for that.
So until then keep on scrapp'n, create'n and have'n fun.

Scrappy hugs and love SussiP oxo


  1. Your cards are really lovely Sussi, they look elegant and so pretty... and enjoy your your love for crafting.. we all do..

  2. HI Sussi Love the cards, sounds like you are having a great time with Stampin' Up! in Cairns. Looking forward to catching up with you soon.

  3. Lieve Susan,
    Het ziet er weer top uit alemaal! Ben erg benieuwd om alles in het echt te zien wat je daar aan het maken bent.
    Zo te lezen heb je het enorm naar je zin daar, Geniet ervan!
    Maar, ik mis je wel heel erg hoor.
    Liefs, Martha

  4. Hi Susan, zo te lezen geniet je enorm van je tijdelijke emigratie! Mamalou en ik missen je heel erg maar we hopen dat je met veel scrap en familie ervaringen rijker en veel foto's weer naar huis komt. En een opdracht zonder bloemen...tja Suus, wij zijn héél benieuwd!! Een hele dikke knuffel van Mamalou, Hans en Elles XXX

  5. Hi Bessie,

    Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself so much!

  6. Glad that that no flowers challenge was "tough love" you did an amazing job in any event! Retreat was all the better for having you there!
    Thanks so much for the sensational workshop. Your page was divine! Looking forward to seeing more Stampin' Up! products on your blog. . . quite literally can't wait.
    Stamping Shanni

  7. Hi Susie, loving your cards that you made. You have done a fantastic job. So glad to hear you enjoyed your time here in Australia, we all loved meeting you and learning new stuff from you. Sorry I have been so lazy with leaving you a comment on your blog, time just flies you know. Hope you got home safe and sound and had a fantastic Christmas and New Year in chilly Holland.
    Thought I would also send you a link to my blog if your interested in taking a look at some of the stuff I have done. Keep in mind though I'm not the best blogger but I am trying to be more regular.
    Thanks for everything....