Saturday, August 23, 2014

Glitz Design Mini Book #2

A few more photos of the workshop book I posted last time.
This is what the book looks like from the front. When looking at this again, I can see I went out of my comfort zone with this one. The colors would not be my first choice....but we all know how much I am a fan of gesso.... So the gesso made it more a poppins thing.. .hahaha

The paper line is from Glitz Design. A workshop goodie bag filled with all the embellishments to full the inside and more. Something different I threw into the workshop. Part embossing. You can see it on the black paper. It pops with the gold highlight.

Below a view of the spine.

If I was to add more gesso to the flowers, they would become a lighter shade of yellow. With the black back ground and the gold finish...I did not want to over do it. The photos seam to be brighter than in the real life, but in all, every one was too.

When you think of it....this is a project, that hopefully one will make again and put ones own personality into it....It is called and seen as.... inspiration....hopefully......

Yes, you can see, it is a thick book! It has a fair few sleeves, so one can put a lot of memories in this one. The back ground of the pages have a lot....a lot of mixed media and a lot of photos of course.This WS was for a day. It covered making of the book and decorating it. No time for the inside. But that is always something personal. Everyone has different photos and a different story. That always needs a lot of time and coffee to get done....for me any way. Got to get it right...right?
So....the inside is another post....another day.....

Getting a closer look at the front detail. 
The lettering on the front cover, was fun to do. The same wording is used through the whole book. Also something I don't normally do. 4 different colors made the options brighter, colorful and cheeky.
All came in the kit.
Love that bow. You can not see it so well in the photo, but it is finished with glossy. The glossy makes it curl and lift, so it pops more. I put the glossy on when the bow was glued down. Because it is so small and the glossy needs the time to dry. I do it and leave it to dry...not touching or moving my work any more.....this is a learnt lesson...the hard way. Usually before going to bed or going out. then I am not tempted to touch or alter any thing.....that's when things go wrong!

The embossing with gold detail.
I add the gold as a finishing when all is finished. I do this a lot, but I can understand for a beginner this is so scary! My reasoning is....I can then see what and where it needs an addition. Only draw back is, you have to watch you don't over do it....but that a matter of taste. And as long as you are happy with the out come...that's what it is all about.

Next post....hopefully....will be of some cards I made on vacation while in France......yes I crafted on vacation....

.......I will explain.....
The first 9 days while in sunny France.....IT RAINED!......
My darling Frans was happy that foot ball was playing ....and we had wifi and he could watch it and hear it!
I was happy I packed a few things to finish and just in case I got bored...sneaky thoughts of....I hope I can fit this I have to get it done any way....making flowers for a WS, later in the year.
So I was able to play around...making new flowers with stamps and various dies know....just playing around filling in time....that I normally don't have.

So it was around happiness on vacation....even when it rained....and I mean pouring rain. Thunder and lighting rain.

I am happy to say I made about 15 cards and 2 mini books. I also have taken the photos...I now have to process them and post. Well, if nothing else you can expect at least 15 posts from all the back logg of LO's and mixed media....Oh life can be so wonderful.....just not enough time in the day!
With that lovely food for thought....

I wish you all happy scrappy inky days ahead.

sussipoppins hugs  oxo


  1. It warms my heart to see you post again! I've missed you Sussi. The details are just superb, and in the Sussipoppins style that I have come to admire and adore. Looking forward to all your other posts.

    1. Thank you so much for leaving your comment. I am so happy to hear I have been missed. I shall not leave it so long between posts again.....

  2. I Always look forward to your posts. So darn inspiring!!! Wish I lived close, I would sign up for the class in NY minute!!

  3. Hey..."Lindy's Gang Girl" Congrat's. Thank you for taking the time to pop by and leaving a comment. I wish you lived close by too...but we have to live with the next best thing....blogging. oxo