Monday, December 29, 2014

Farewell to Ed

A tribute to my dear departed brother Edward Churcher.
This is a rather personal LO. In remembrance to my dear departed older brother Eddy.
His departure from us took place in November 14th 2004. I was very close to Ed in my teens. He was my hero. I have very treasured memories of our youthful endevers together. Only 1 year and 20 days between us, so you can imagine how it hit me when he suddenly left us at the age of 47 years. 
Goes to show.....treasure every moment! 
Leaving behind a dearly loved wife, Anne and two sons. Simon and David. 4th, 5th and 6th from top left. Father, Mother, three sisters and two brothers. A special thank you to Anne for sharing and spending the time with me to get closure for myself when I was visiting Sydney a few years ago. 
My Mother,  2nd bottom left, not with us any more, also in Gods memory.
 Ed is greatly missed by all, he was a great friend to many.

Above close up. My Dad, the 1st man on the left.
Bottom close up. Annes Mum and Dad on the right.

Love these glass flowers..they make my life easy at times...don't have to make them my self....I just have to adhere them.

The lace is perfect to give a boarder ....and looks great against the black paper. 
The tittle is made from layers of design paper and a Quickuts alpha die set (retired) You could use one of the Tim Holtz dies put out by Sizzix. I usually cut 6 layers, glue them together. This makes a good chipboard, I then ink the edges with a black ink. Cats eye from color box or the Prima Marketing inks. I find these great in the hand and gives good control of how much ink you want to use on your project.

The leaf die used here is from Memory Box. Tucked under the glass flowers and leaves.
Sharing something from my personal life today. 
Another aspect of this craft. It can also be great therapy for working out some, not so nice stuff that is floating around in our heads, I also did not want to let this year go by with out doing something special with the memory of my much loved and missed brother.

A simple bye for today....and till Wednesday's post.


  1. Such a sweet tribute to your brother. This is my first visit to your blog and I love your work! So much so that I have become a follower. I love Heartfelt Creations and you are quite an asset for their team!

  2. Hi Glenda, Thank you so much for your kind words.

  3. Sometimes is 'just simple' enough to express your feelings, brothers can't be missed at such a young age, but they are with us always and everywhere in rememberance, in spirit and as stars in the universe ;)