Tuesday, October 11, 2011


DON'T YOU JUST HATE IT WHEN.....people have a blog and don't post!!!!!!
SORRY SORRY. I have finally got round to it.
News Flash!   News Flash!  News Flash!  News Flash! News Flash!
The news is......I am now a DESIGN TEAM member for  the store called

I know, It looked like I had left the scrap world for a few months...but this is not the case. I just stopped off for a while.....( I have been up grading myself...spoiling myself.....taking a few WS. Sitting on the other side of the table.)...But.... I have been working my butt off as well. Behind the scenes, I have been doing exciting secret projects for Scrapdelight. Which will be revealed later in their Blog magazine. Some of my work is displayed in the store already. I have been working with TWIDDLEY BITZ and COLLECTIONS both from down under. Australia.
Which I might add....is to be found at Scrapdelight

Getting off the track....and getting down to the real reason......, I had such a great-fun-relaxing-time in France.....I found it hard to get back into meeting deadlines and keeping daily appointments etc....getting back into the daily routine was tough. One thing good though. My DH Frans is doing a lot better. He is still a non smoker and his health is looking up. That is always a big plus.
I have also been to Belgium...Yes Gals I did the  "Ingvild"   work shop.I got to play with her new toys and scrap the  "Ingvild"  way. I only booked in for her WS, the Sunday, so I did not get to meet everyone there. But I did meet Sharon from Prima.( I was planning to visit my sister Cheere in Cairns, Australia in Sept.Could not make it, so this was a sticking plaster on the wound to make it better. Sure did the trick. Sorry little sis....may be next year we will make up for lost time, do a retreat and do a few WS together.
Getting back to the NEWS FLASH.....I will be giving a "WORK SHOP" for  Scrapdelight 
22nd OCTOBER..... here is a few sneak peeks.

Tittle:- "FAMILY"

 For those that have booked, below, is what I have done with the photos.
Black & White.
3x 3cm wide x 7cm high or 9cm wide x 7cm high
The paper chosen is PRIMA- Printery.
This WS is loaded with Glimmer misting, Masking, stamping, embossing,distressing, Flower making....yes....even "Dusty Attic", and in general getting your hands grubby in the Susan Smit style.....so don't forget to bring your apron and be prepared for a , "get your heads down, bums up" WS!
hahahahahaha.....and a lot of fun.....

Well thats it for now.
Cheery o and have a scrappy one
Love Susan


  1. He heerlijk, je blogt weer!!!!! en wat een gave workshop ...ik heb je lieve mail ontvangen en ga je snel antwoorden.
    Dikke zoen Jolande

  2. Hi Sussi, so glad to learn that all is well with you and that you're doing wonderful things. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations.

  3. Jose van RanderaadOctober 20, 2011 at 8:14 PM

    Wauw, what a awsome LO you make!
    I look forwords to the workshop next saterday at Scrapdelight.

    "tot zaterdag!"

    Groeten, José

  4. Hello Susan, het was een geweldige dag afgelopen zaterdag, ik heb genoten van je workshop, de lay-out is klaar op de foto na, dan ga ik hem morgen op mijn blog zetten, bedankt, Désirée