Wednesday, May 6, 2020

It's Heartfelt Creations inspiration Wednesday with...

...a special day card.

85-glitter Crystal Ultrafine transparent Glitter
White stamping card stock, Spectrum Noir Harmony ink- Baby Blue, Olive green, Honey pot. Misti stamping tool, Foam inking tool, 3D double sided tape, 3D foam double sided tape. Hot Glue gun.

This card goes with the card box that measures 5 ½” x 7 ½”. Make a card base using the white cardstock so it will fit into the box with out it being too tight. 5 ¼” x 7 ¼”. Taking the paper from the collection, sheet 6B. Cut this a little smaller than the card base for your card front. With the baby blue ink, ink the edges of the card base and the card front. Adhere together. Taking the white card stock and the Decorative Circle Frames die set die cut the outer frame and the scalloped edged circle frame. Taking the baby blue ink and the inking tool, ink the edges of both frames. Adhere the frames to the card base using the 3D foam dots or tape.
To make all the embellishments for this card: Taking the sentiment stamp, stamp the sentiment using the sepia ink. Trim the card stock to a banner then ink the edges with Olive green, put aside for later. Taking the white cardstock, the stamp and dies for the bike, also for the flowers and leaves. (the flowers and leaves are stamped with the library green ink) Stamp and colour one bike but die cut x5 extra bikes so you can layer these. The colours used  for the bike are: Light Blue 036, Light Grey 091, and Beige 072. For the flowers and leaves, stamp, colour and die cut: x5 leaves, small sized flowers and x4 larger sized flowers.  The colours used for the flowers are: Baby blue, Honey pot The leaves: Olive green

To make the leaves and flowers: To bring shape to the leaves and flowers run these through the machine using the matching 3D  shaping molds listed. The flowers have two layers. Make a hole in the flower centre using the sharp end of the golf flower shaping tool. Cut the stamens in half and thread x5 in the smaller flower centre and secure the stamen ends at the back with the hot glue gun. Do the same to the larger flower but using x9 stamens for this. Once the hot glue has cooled apply a little clear drying glue to the petals with the aid of a hydra sponge. Dip the flowers into the glitter and out aside to dry. Do the same with the leaves. Once the glue has dried you can tap the flower and leaves to loosen any excess glitter.  Trim away the ends of the stamens and apply the hot glue to this so they will be secure. Now they are ready to adhere to the card front.
Adhere the bike to the card front using 3D foam dots and clear drying glue. Adhere x3 flowers to the back of the bike. Arrange the remaining 4 flowers  and the leaves to the right of the lace circle frame. Taking the banner, make a  curve in the banner then adhere in place.

I love this bike with the wild rose flowers. There is so much one can do with this collection. Have fun with it.
This was such a fun card to much so that I have a box to match coming up in a few weeks time....but, first my big move.

My moving uopdate:

Tomorrow is D day.
I already have a packer here to pack all the delicate glass crafting plates (already packed but letting him double pack it) the rest of the house is already in boxes. My craft product was the first to be one else was allowed to touch it as I need to know it is all safe. I have taken I have
I will say I am still laughing but it is pretty heavey stuff, moving. This too will pass. Frans and I are still together house being a high stress level and all. He has moved only 3 times in his's a way of life. I have moved countries so I know all about it. I can't wait to put roots down in our new house

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  1. Love this beautiful card Susan! Wishing you lots of happiness in your new home!