Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Inside "MY SONG" #2

Here it is part 2 of the inside of the "You are my Song" Mini book.

PN.  Sorry I am having trouble uploading. The modem is dieing. We have arranged a new one....but this will take time...I am hoping I can still post between the out of order and not on line....before it completely dies on us. so, please, bear with me as I struggle to get it right.....thank you.Here goes...
 Once again the front cover. As I have said before, I shall be just posting the pictures. Any questions just leave a comment...and I shall get back to you.....leave one any way as I'd love to hear from you.

Below is a fun photo of all the scrappy gals doing the WS.
It sure was a fun WS, a lot of interaction, giggles and best of all learning while "playing". Oh how we loved to play.....

Sorry Gals...but you were would be posted......snap!

And lastly, the back of the book...just had to add that, GLITZ trade mark.
Well thats it for the mini book.
Till the next post..scrappy hugs.
Susan oxoxox

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  1. Awesome pics such lovely work, and those little rolled flowers are adorable.