Friday, April 27, 2012

"NEWS FLASH".... A Work Shop

Hi every one. This is a news flash for all those living here in Holland.
 I have been booked in for a WS at 
19th May. 
Here is a sneak preview, It started simple but just kept on growing....but all those that have done a WS with me before know. this is not unusual for me.
If you decide to join me for a fun day, register with Michelle and she will ensure you get a mail with all the must bring....don't for get your pinnies (aprons) as you ,
WILL,be getting grubby.
This is a 40x40 canvas that you can hang on the wall.

I shall be posting this again next week as a reminder.
See you at my next post....I have to go upstairs to the LAB and do the Dusty Attic monthly sketch. That is if I want it done and photoed before the end of the month....only got 3 more days before the end of a wonderful month of being featured at DUSTY ATTIC. 
Time sure has flown!
Scrappy hugs Susan oxoxxooxooxxo


  1. This is gorgeous!!
    I see a lot of flowers we have made together last time,they are such a beauty's.
    Your WS looks very nice,have a nice time then.

    xx Esther