Thursday, August 21, 2014


Lots of yummy's here.....
Eye candy for the not so neat and tidy girls and boys.

I was tutor for the day!
 WORK SHOP at scrap-delight on the 22nd of February 2014

A few close ups. Of course...those that have followed a WS I have given....know they are going to have a lot of fun and a lot of laughing....and last but not least work hard. That is if you want to get it all done. 
Cant help my self....I am addicted to detail...and 3d.
 At the end of the day....absolutely happly exhausted. New skills learnt and poured their heart and soul into a work of art. Made it their own...they own it!

All the yummy!

Always a lot of at the end of the know how to make flowers!
It all began with perfect flat paper....not a rip or crease in it!

Learn to make your own chip boards and embellishments

Learn how to place and work with gesso, embossing out of the box and in the box....
also use the box!

Grubby, inky black, gold fingers and hands.....
Oh, but such fun to relive your youth

Below, the spine of the book....not for the faint hearted!

I hope you enjoyed having a squizz at what we made that day. 
Scrap-delight is planning on booking another WS for this later in the a few months....when the summer vacations are all out of the way.
This is great for those that are not into flat scrapping and don't mind getting messy hands and getting things done.
Or want to learn another way of using up your treasured old can not part with!
For those that want to combine the new trend of project life but want that quirky shabby vintage look....the not measured, straight and clean girls and boys....this will be for you.
I have decided to change the size of the book to fit the smaller project life pages....thus I am upgrading the Work Shop!
So you get to learn to make your own album, adapt the clear pages to fit....and....get to 3d the front and spine. 
( this time....I have already precut all the paper to save time, so there will be more time to play)
And.....still more.....if we have time and you work real hard....we get to 3d a project life page. 
At least you get to see how you can do it.....This WS comes with a full line of paper, embellies, bling and more. To keep the cost down, there will be a list of bring your own. 
The bring your own product you will mostly already have in your old stash....
I am a great believer in useing what you already have.

Does this sound like fun...or does it sound like fun? It sounds like a win win to me.
So stay posted for a up date on when this fun day will be... a little birdie told me around October???????? or on demand...if you really don't want to miss out, send a mail to
the early bird catches the worm. So let me know.

I am planning crop evenings afternoons at my home. This will be a relaxed laid back hard working fun time for all...hahaha.....some things never change!...(the hard work thing)
So if this sounds like something you want to give a go, try out, even if you are new or old to this form of art, mail me or leave a comment with contact info.
This is a great way to do a Work Shop at your own pace, with no stress of getting it done in the time frame...there is always next week. If you have little ones at home and can't slot the time in to create, or just can't find your "get round to it " at your own place.
Time and day can be arranged to fit the agenda of all parties

This is a lot to take in! Yip...I found my "get round to it" thats for sure!
Now I just need to learn how to up load and down load on this new mac.....
get that grey stuff going.
My next post is of a few more photos of the WS I gave. Remember the new one will not be the same.
Have fun with your day and I hope it will be a scrappy one.

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