Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Before I begin.....today I opened my Facebook and was shocked to read Robbin Williams ended his life. I, like many others, was a big fan of his talents.
He will be missed.
My heart goes out to his family and close friends. The private pain Robbin Williams must have had to bear.....the pain to be so great and heavy...it was easier to end it than to carry on......
This sort of loss, sorrow makes me really appreciate the feature hope my belief in the bible gives me. 
The resurrection and the hope of a paradise earth. 
Rev 21:3 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away" 
This is a promise to us. Worth thinking about and holding on to....there is a lot happening in this world at the moment! Food for thought


It has been a while since I have been at this little place in my world.
So much has been happening....I don't know where to begin.....so I won't bore you all... that is, all, that have not given up on me and thought I fell off this world ball called "earth" never to return!....hahaha....have not lost the humor....so, for those, all, I will not even start to make excuses or to give long winded reasons etc...just pick up where I left off.
So here goes......

This LO 'SISTERS' was made, a fair.....fair few.....several months ago....so much so...I can't even remember what the details are and what is worse, I can't even find my little blue book with all my notes in it! But I do know the paper line WEBSTERS PAGES...of course..... 
It could not be any thing else! 
So romantic and soft, and need I say yummy!
Always a candy for the eye.

Believe it or not....thats me in the pink...something I designed for the B&H fashion awards years ago....before the laughing lines and grey hair. Before scrapping was around and about!
Yes... that is my little sis of 12 years, Cherry, also wearing one of my creations...now that is a show and tell of fashion long gone but not forgotten. I think 1975? Feels like a life time ago. 
Still, our history and well worth taking the time to scrap and file way in the treasure box of memories.
Sisters for ever!
So young and so many possibilities.

The hearts are hand stitched with gold metallic thread....with much love.

Flowers and leaves are hand made, using the help of Tim Holtz dies.

Can't help my self....got to get those flowers in.
The clear gems give them a subtle finish.

Gold embossing done with the Prima Marketing gate mask. 
One of my favs and versitile masks ever.

The title is made with the help of another Tim Holtz alpha die. 
Stacked of course to give it a chip board effect.
(I stack 6 layers to get this look.)

Well thats it for this post....more to come tomorrow....got a few posts in the waiting room. 
I also lost my "get round to it"so I never got getting round to getting it posted....naughty me!
But....I wish you all happy scrappy  inky days to come....see you soon
sussipoppins inky hugs to all.  oxo

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