Wednesday, March 21, 2018

21st March brings you Heartfelt Creations with lots of altered Cigar Box ....

I've been saving the cigar boxes for a rainy day and that is today!

Heartfelt Creations Products And Products Carried On Their Website:

RLHS100 Hydra Sponges

Other Products Used:
Maroon archival Ink, Pink card stock, Hot Glue Gun, Water Mister, Bone folder, Water coloring brush, Hole pricking tool, Scissors, Ruler, Hot glue gun, Fussy Cutting Scissors, Double sided Tape, Double Sided Foam Tape, White organza Ribbon, Cardboard packing box, Misti stamping tool, Crop-a-dial, White Deco Art Stencil Paint,

Click HERE to see how I put the flowers together. (the photo tutorial is at the bottom of the posting)

Click HERE to see the video on using the Deluxe Flower Shaping Tool Kit

Click HERE to see the video on making flowers with the flower shaping moulds

The finished size of this cigar box is 8.89” x 5.51” x 2.95” (17.5cm x 14cm x 7.5cm) 
The cigar box size used 6.299” x 1.259” (16cm x 11cm x 3.2cm)
This project uses 5 peony flowers, 3 peony buds, 24 double lilacs, 5 lilac buds and 15 peony leaves.
Taking the white paint, paint the inside and out side of the box. Put aside to dry.
Taking the white card stock cut x2 3.779” x 10.629” (9.6cm x 27cm)
Make a fold at 5.70” (14.5cm) from one and 5.70” and 5.90” (14.5cm and 15cm ) on the other , adhere the two pieces together so you have a triple fold card folder with the short ends glued to make the base.
Taking the pink card stock cut the card matting a little smaller for the inside and out side of the card folder.
Taking the paper pad find the paper with the brick and window with flowers printed on it, use this for the second matting. Again cut a little smaller than the pink card stock. Adhere all the matting to the white card folder base. Cut extra matting for the card folder front. Adhere this to the card front with a layer of cardboard between the two layers to give height.
Taking the Fleur boarder die and cut a double boarder for the front. 5.118” (13cm) long. Two single boarded pockets, 1st 2.16” x 5.51” (5.5cm x 14cm) 2nd 3.34” x 2.36” (8.5cm x 6cm) Apply glitter to the edges of the lace boarders with the aid of the clear drying adhesive. When dry, trim and adhere in place as seen in the detail photos. These will form the pockets for the tags for journaling and photos. The front, trim the boarder and adhere on a angle. Make the flowers and leaves using the large and small Sweet Peony stamps and matching dies. Use also the Lush Lilac stamps and dies for the lilacs and lilac buds. Use the 3d stamping paint to bring color to the flowers and leaves. Use the flower-shaping mold to bring the shape into the flowers. Using the flower shaping tools to ball the flower centers only. Make holes in the flower centers for the stamens. Stack the petals and adhere together using the hot glue gun or the clear drying glue. Apply the glitter to the flower petal using the clear drying glue and dipping into the glitter. Put aside to dry. Do the same with the leaves.  Arrange the flowers into clusters as seen in the photo of the project. Find the printed sentiment. Trim and adhere in place on the front of the card folder. Make the tags by cutting from both pink card stock and the design paper. Place the tags into the pockets.

  Above photo showing the placement of the tags

Above photo shows the fold out card base.

Taking the pink card stock cut strips to cover the box sides, box base, box lid inside and out side. Cut a little smaller than the box so the white paint will still show. Taking the paper pad find the paper with the brick and window with flowers printed on it. Cut strips for the matting of the box sides, this is cut a little smaller than the pink card stock. Adhere to the sides. Taking the same design paper cut the paper for matting for the box lid top, again a little smaller than the pink card stock. Spritz the paper wit water, when dry adhere loosely so it will not sit flat. Taking the same paper design cut two mattings a little smaller than the other for the box lid inside. Adhere layers of cardboard between the matting layers. Adhere all layers to the inside lid. Taking the Fleur boarder die cut a double lace boarder from the design paper that measures (15cm) trim this to fit the matting of the lid inside. Apply glitter to the lace edges and when dry adhere in place.

Make a triple bow from the ribbon; adhere to the lower center of the box lid. Arrange the flower clusters as seen in the project photo. Place the card folder into the box. Because the flowers are 3d and this cigar box is to low, the box does not close. So this is a table centerpiece that stays open. To keep it open, apply glue from the hot glue gun to the out side box hinge so you will not see it.

Lots and lots of photos so you can see how this was put together.

Now this sure is a box of Hope you had fun...
till next week with more Heartfelt Creations yummy fun.
Sussipoppins love and inky hugs


  1. Beautiful box and cards!! What a fantastic gift idea! Who wouldn't love this!

  2. Wow Susan, I just love this! So much thought and work went into this beautiful creation! I think you need to send me one. Lol.