Friday, September 5, 2014


"Wishing you a wonderful journey through a  world of dreams come true"

Love this sentiment!
Such a  sweet, wonderful thought for a new beginning....a world of dreams come true.

Yellow and blue, always safe for a boy, baby card.
A card I made for a friend, destined for a new family member in far away, sunny, Curacao.

What would we do with out flower stamps!
Made in my usual, sussipoppins way, only this time, I used stamps to give a more cabbage rose look.
Love how the vain lines in the stamps brings the roses and leaves to life.
Heartfelt Creations -HCPC 3406 Botanical Floral.
This is a fav of mine when making this flower. Dies to match.

Next time, I shall try a softer color and much,
much all that yummy stuff....then, see how it turns out. Great I know..because I have already tried it!
Had to remember...the card is for a boy!
But I did sneak a bit of glitter in there for the swirl rose buds, and swirls,very subtle though.

Don't you love those leaves. Not too large. Gives a good base for the flowers.
The points of the leaves are balled to give them texture, but I think, it is the different colors of green that gives each leaf the real life look.
Stamp set used for the leaves, Heartfelt Creations - HCPC 3405-Leafy Medley 

Two corners are stamped with  the Heartfelt Creations - HCPC 2254 Leafy Swirls. Then, colored with green ink, finishing the swirls with clear diamond stickles. Got to get that glitter in some how.
Love what those Viva pearl pens can do. A few stips here and there with a matching blue color.

The paper swirl is made by cutting a strip of paper 1.5-2mm. wide. Wrap around a thin tool handle or a  thin paint brush handle, carefully slide it off. Pull a little to get the opening of the twirl you want.

You now have a paper swirl matching exactly to your card paper. 
Love the bow cute, I could not let it alone, so I colored it with the pearl pen.
Yes, you see hand stitching....both layers. I never seem to get the sewing machine out for LO or cards
I just like to hand stitch the paper. I think it makes the difference
...made with more love..
 Some might think crazyness? I think the first is kinder, and more true, so I'm sticking to my story. 

Sentiment and rabbit are from the Stampin' Up  "Baby,We've Grown" 133089 
The 1/2 circle back ground frame is cut from Heartfelt creations -HCD 717 Layered Scalloped Posy.
I cut away the center of the cut paper to get a 1/2 circle baorder.

Let me, let you in on something....
for me this is a win win thing.....I managed to make this card from only 1....yes 1 30x30cm card stock design paper! Flowers, die cutting, card base, matting, yes the lot!...and I once said 
"I would never become a card maker." 
I was way back then, so...a die hard LO scrapper!
Who knows, one day, I might even do a project life LO....or some thing....
...........never say never, ever again .......
Scrappy thoughts......sussipoppins

After the events of today!
Cat out of the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One can not keep a secret any where in this scrappy world of ours.

Yes, DT call at Heartfelt Creations. Why not give it a go....I went for it.... and got in to the semi's....
So if you want to see a lot more of Heartfelt Creations and sussipoppins mixed together, go on over to the Heartfelt Creations site and vote. You have till the 30th.You get to vote for 5 semi's. Believe me, they all have something to offer...they sure know what they are doing over there at Heartfelt. Here's me thinking....forget about it....don't tell anyone, let it all happen on the quietly...go with the flow...on the hush hush......and all that...not a scrappen inky glittery chance! TRULY...did I think there was any chance of that really happening? In my scrappy world of dreams, at the moment....YES I DID.

I am now educated! Welcome to 2014! Still suffering from jet lag! LOL

So, now.......after todays events...but it has been a fun day.........
you'll just have to keep on dropping by to my place to see whats happening with the up dates..... that could also be  a lot of sharing fun.
So, till then, you guy's and gal's try to have a scrappy happy one....

Scrappy wishes to you all. oxo


  1. Oh my goodness how wonderful is your card?! I love those great flower buds and the paper swirls! Thanks so much for stopping by to wish me well, the same to you!

  2. Love your card and how you've grouped those pretty flowers. Delightful layering too. Good luck in the Semi's. Hugs Suzi

  3. Congrats on the semi's ! good Luck. Hug Liz Walker xx

  4. Congratulations on being one of the Heartfelt Creations semifinalists! Your work is outstanding! Wishing you all the best with the voting!

  5. Beautiful Susan! Congratulations on being one of the Heartfelt Creations semifinalist. Good luck and best wishes.

  6. Thank you ladies....we are all going to be busy bees......