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To make up to all those with a lot of faithfulness that have been waiting for something interesting to be posted by sussipoppins....which, I might add, have been waiting a fair long time...but we won't go down that street today. We take the right turn instead, down the Tutorial Lane.... 

............."THE HOW TO TUTORIAL LANE"........

Today, I have decided to add a how to to the post. Detailed instructions, instead of a brief what I did.
The supply list and Instructions,you will find at the end of the post. 

Don't forget to have fun and get those hands and fingers grubby.....Any questions etc. Just leave a comment and I shall get back to you as soon as possible.

We all know how much I love to make my own flowers, but clustering, is always a win, win in a L.O.

The butterflies are finished with a iridescent medium.

More clustering and pearl pen dots.

Close up of the swirl roses.
The stickles are added when they are glued down and dried.
Reason they can't move and you can what ever them with out the risk of dropping them. It's like having an extra pair of hands.

The title is from a Prima Marketing packaging. "Waste not want not"

Love those metal clips. Some times it is just what a LO needs.

Getting a close look at the masking and boarder die cuts.

See how the rhinestones lengthen the trail of the flower arrangement.
The pearl pen dots extend the line and bring it all together.

Hope you enjoyed the photo show, now for the supplies and instructions. 
Have fun.
PRIMA MARKETING -Donna Downing foam stamp, Heart. -Art journal pad 12"x12"(Jodie Lee #950682) -Paper pad A4 (Finnabar. Sunrise Sunset #960094) -E designer rhinestones #300081
MARTHA STEWART  -L Butterfly punch
STAMPIN UP   -1/2" circle punch
THe CRAFTER'S WORKSHOP -Chicken wire mask
VIVA -Pearl pen. Gold -Kristall gel medium.
RANGER -Dobber paint, Red Gold, Silver. -Stickles, Platinum
SIZZIX -Movers and Shapers, Leaves, -Picture Wheel #658558 -Tattered Florals #656640
-Decorative Boarders and Hearts #658946
THIS & THAT -Iridescent medium(Goleria) -Ink, for distressing- Red, Brown, green.-Distressing tool. (for the out side edges of the LO) -Double sided foam tape. -Flower stamens. -Alleen's Tacky glue -Swirly leaf mask. -Cardboard box or chip board. (I used cardboard box) -Crop-a-dile (for flowers or a prick tool, to make wholes for the stamens) -Balling tool and mat. (for the flowers)
-Tweezers -Card Stock. A contrast color.

Using the swirly leaf mask, bring on the design with the iridescent medium.The placement of this mask is so the points of the leaves are at the edge of the page. Both on the right as the left. I masked two times to get this effect, Later, this will give the look of peeping out from under the clustering. When dry, bring the second layer of masking with the chicken wire mask and kris tall gel. Leave to dry. Distress the edges of the design paper with the distressing tool. Then attach to the card stock, which gives you a base for your LO.
Cut a heart shape from the cardboard box  carton, or if you prefer chip board.. Seal the board with gesso, this will also give the board a white wash look. Stamp with the Donna Downey heart stamp, using the ranger silver and gold paint as ink. ( wash the stamp after using the paint before it dries. If you don't , it will not come off later. ( bad for any stamp) Ink around the edges with red ink or paint.
Attach the heart when dry with double sided foam tape. Place a little to one side, so it is off center.
Using the picture wheel die cut x1 of each, design paper and cardboard box or chip board. Glue the two together. Ink around the edges. Attach this to the center of the heart using double sided foam tape.
Cut x2 from design paper, using the decorative boarders and heart die. Cut one in half. Place one of the halves on each side of the circle frame you have attached in step 4. Place the 2nd paper frame you have just cut, on top. Forming a layered effect. (See 4th photo from bottom.)
Cut a photo to fit the circle of the die cut from step 4.
Make the flowers and leaves using the tattered flowers and mover and shapers leaves dies. The larges flower is made using x3 both small and medium sized flower shape. The rose buds are made with the small size flower shape. x3 for each bud. Ball the flowers with the balling tool.The centers are filled with x2 flower stamens. Fold the stamen stems in half. poke through a whole made with the crop-a-dile, then glue to hold.
Ink flowers and leaves then arrange and glue them all down. Add iridescent medium and stickler. This added after they are glued down, because then they won't move or get dropped and spoil all your hard work.
Attach butterflies at the body, curling the wings up. To give that in flight look.
Add bling swirls and bling leaves.
Using the pearl pen, stip. here and there to form swirls and dots to add to the flow of the flower clusters. Also making a trail, see photo's.
I used a sentiment from the packaging for the title. Placeing a bling in  the center of the flower.
Because the title had the word time in it, I added a metal clock clip.

Remember, if you have any questions leave a message and I shall get back to you. 

Have a fun scrappy day giving this LO a go,
Inky hugs, 
sussipoppins oxo


  1. Checking out my competition! Wowzer! I knew everyone listed would be good=but girl-your layout ROCKS! Love the clusters of flowers, love all the details. Good luck to making the Heartfelt Creations team!

  2. Voted for you! I found you through Gloria. Good luck!!!

  3. Thank you ladies for taking the time to leave a comment. Yes it would be nice to be able to work with the talent at Heartfelt Creations. Cant wait to see what is in stall for the next round. Wishing every one the best...